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New Day

You might not have noticed it
You might not have seen it
But with you came some healing
You healed me from the past.

You taught me self-love
And that I should put myself first
Before anybody else that I love
Before things turn from worse to worst

You showed me that there existed love
A kind of love that’s beyond just loving
The one kind of love that’s pure and true
The true one that everyone is looking forward to having

You gave me a clue
To something that I could hold on to
A brighter tomorrow full of hope
Without worrying about any kind slope.

My name is Elton and I am an upcoming writer/poet who’s inspired by literally everything around me and ready to write about anything. But most importantly I love love poems, since they say “love’s in the air”
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2 replies on “New Day”

Were a person choose to love themselves, they may realize they never needed to do that, without being betrayed by a person they gave their trust to.

Love is the emotion, offered. I don’t believe we can ever “love ourselves”. Though, I do believe we can repair ourselves, not through love for the self, but through discipline and wisdom. Whatever mistake we made by associating with the wrong person, we can learn from that, and not commit that mistake, again.

To love the self, I see a person committed to hatred. Perhaps the terminology is wrong? Shouldn’t we call it wisdom? To simply never make the same mistake, once more, and appear as a recurring fool, over and over again?

I believe that’s the way to word it. Wisdom, not self-love.

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