We have so many sides to us
yet, we show the one “they” adore
who wouldn’t be called mad
who would conform to all the norms
fit in the society like a dress
without questions,

We have sides that define us
and others that control us
we have sides that we fear
the quagmire of expectations
gives way to a crisis
of “who we are”

Who are you if not a man, not a woman?
We have millions of identities
imposed upon us, messed up.
Perhaps we forget we are humans first
Imperfect in this world of divisions,
lies and pretentions

Link to my blog: https://trystwithmind.wordpress.com/
I am a student and an amateur writer. Every word I write comes from my heart. Being an introvert, writing is my escape. I write mostly about emotions and the nuances of life, for I have a heart that feels more.


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