The Pandemic Blues

Treading at a swift pace on a cloudy 50° day
I feel vanquished
I did not dress accordingly
And so it began
A feeling of listless,

I will stand to conquer

As my temperature escalates
My body has become
An Edsel, A Nova, A Pacer
Lacking Moxie
My heart races
I have become frail
Lack of appetite
A bit of a cough

I will stand to conquer

So I drank 100 gallons
And slept 100 years
Doing this on rinse and repeat
Getting my strength back
Getting my muse back
Kicking Covid-19 to the curb

I will stand to conquer

Matt Snyder has been dabbling in all aspects of the arts since 1988. Film-Theater-Music-Fine Arts-The Written/Spoken Word-Comics. He can be found on WordPress: Writing and Drawing at , Showcasing Photography at and as Resident Arts Editor at which we are always looking to showcase artists & writers of any caliber as long as the work hasn’t published elsewhere.


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2 thoughts on “The Pandemic Blues

  1. Btw not a love poem LOL I sure didn’t <3 having covid-19

  2. 💯 your writing is great!!

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