Of all things great and small
You deserve my adoration
The queen of the galaxy
So gentle and meek
Selfless and silent
Most coveted by dreamers and
Lovers alike

For I know you’ll never hurt me
No matter how much desire I hold
To touch your grandeur
To see light unfold

The nearness of you
Is my salvation
When tides of life drown me
You take away my sanity
Like what most loves and dreams do

Despite your majesty
You wait for your turn
And live in the shadows
Of those you love

You are my ultimate hope
When daylight demands
All strength there is in me

Your beam casts humility
To love and to dream
To persist in the dark
To be worthy of the trust

To forego
To withdraw
To acknowledge
What I owe

Esmeralda Balita is a living paradox.


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6 thoughts on “Luna

  1. beautiful!

  2. Great poem! It flowed very well, and it filled me with hope <3

  3. amazing words! wish I can write as good as this 🙂

    1. you too can 😊

      1. Thank you! 😊

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