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Lose The Battle, Win The War

Wash your hands, use the soap
Stay at home, try to cope
Self-isolate, don’t foster hate
Forgive your neighbour with the toilet rolls
We are all just ravaged souls.

Fear makes us crazy, drives us mad
But that does not make us bad.
Stay strong, no right or wrong
Furloughed workers, dreams dashed
Wages cut, rates slashed.

Flights grounded, no one dare
To up and leave from this nightmare
Read a book, learn to cook
Houseparty/Zoom until the eyes near weep
Stay at home, get some sleep.

Hug your mum, hug your nan
I wish I could, I hope you can
Be more kind, to heart and mind
Plans are gone, what lies ahead?
There’s daily rocketing of the dead.

We lost our way, we went astray
We consumed until our lungs gave way.
Now we must sit at home, do nothing more
But lose this battle, to win the war.

My name is Evie H. I am from Northern Ireland, and I am an unpublished poet. I write poetry to try to process the complicated nature of life. I try to use humour in poetry because I often find if you are not laughing about life, you are crying. I love a broad range of poets but particularly Pam Ayres and John Cooper Clarke.

This is my instagram: @pintstoprose_


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Very appropriate and nicely done! You really captured our current moment in history well, and I love how you ended on a positive note <3 We all will get through this!

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