Forgive Yourself

I opened up a notebook from my sixteen year old self
It showed a fitness plan for fifty spins in fifty days
But this was not the legacy of an uber fitness freak
This was evidence of a sickness of which then I could not speak
I binged on food without control before I knew it had a name
And I used to devise these plans mid binge to cope with all the shame
I never did those fifty spins, in fact I only managed four
But I wish I could go back to hold and love that girl I was before

My name is Evie H. I am from Northern Ireland, and I am an unpublished poet. I write poetry to try to process the complicated nature of life. I try to use humour in poetry because I often find if you are not laughing about life, you are crying. I love a broad range of poets but particularly Pam Ayres and John Cooper Clarke.

This is my instagram: @pintstoprose_


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3 thoughts on “Forgive Yourself

  1. What a beautiful narration in the form of a poetry, Luna!😍 You won my heart in the 1st half itself.😊

    Here’s a link to one of my creations –

  2. And if you try you can usually find something to laugh about. At least I have found it so.

  3. The hardest one to forgive is oneself.

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