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Maths : a challenge in a students life !!

Hectic , boring , mind boggling ,
It just takes away your head ,
Studying it mind just swings ,
And one day you will really be dead ……..

Practise practice practice ,
Everyone says it is the only key to success ,
Memorising it is a really tough job ,
But you just need to have trust in God !!!!

Maths just goes in and out of the brain ,
After you see the the paper your efforts are all in vain ,
Is there any other way that we can pass ???
And of course it is the most boring class ………

Studying it early in the morning spoils your day ,
It’s all done in a very weird way !!
I pledge to ban maths ,
So that they stop running in your head all the rats …….

Because of frustration it makes you red,
But you trust me you will never be brain dead !
Maths lovers please don’t worry because it won’t be banned ,
Just not mandatory after 8th and still you can study !!!!

Don’t talk to me about the country ‘s economy ,
Think of the youth
Too many cooks spoil the broth ,
Too many children studying maths will spoil the economy !

Whoever has invented maths has done a great crime ,
And will never be forgiven in his whole life !!!!
Buddies yet it is not banned try to cope up with the ongoing exasperation,
Contentment will be achieved and your life will be a paradise !!

All there will be only happiness!!


About : hey … this is Kripaa… a thirteen year old .. from India ( the city of taj  : Aga ) through my poems I wish to bring a change … a change in society… a change in the world … I haven’t written a book nor am a famous author but still hoping for you to enjoy !!! If you like it don’t forget to follow !! Waiting for your likes , comments and subscriptions!!


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7 replies on “Maths : a challenge in a students life !!”

Well done! Thanks! 🙂

Here’s some food for thought:

“MATHEMATICS OF LIFE” by poet, Sagar Dubey (SagarRaj)
….Add the Opportunities….

….Subtract the Errors….

….Multiply the Victories….

….Divide the Obstacles….

….Integrate your Calibre….

….Differentiate your Weakness….

….Inverse the Destiny….

….Simplify the Struggles….
…Solve your Life…

I am completely the opposite of it. The only subject I loved was Maths because I was very bad at cramming. In Maths, you have to memorize only formulae and most of the part is about understanding. I liked Maths also because I could study it while listening to music, unlike other subjects in which you need to concentrate.

Oh so we are really very different from each other … I can do any other subject while watching a movie or hearing to songs but maths is something you need to concentrate on … but thank you for commenting and reading !!

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