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Celebrating Small Wins

Do you know what are we doing today?  

Guys do you know what are we doing today?! 

We are celebrating small wins! 

I had a small win yesterdayIt was actually a big win for me because it took time, dedication and self-control to achieve this and I am very proud of myself for doing this. 

Yesterday it has been a year since I quit smoking. I have not had a cigarette for 365 daysYes, I know it’s a nasty habit I didn’t need to begin with but it is what it is. I started to smoke when I was 16 and now I am 24 years old and one year smoking free. 

If you just had to re-read the fact that I started smoking when I was 16, don’t judge. I can’t believe I am saying this, but it is very normal for Croatia to have kids experimenting with smoking since they are 15. But that’s not important now. 

stopped smoking and I am proud of myself. I tried to kick the habit several times and I actually did it now and I just wanted to share it with you. 

So let me knowwhat was your small win latelyWhat do you feel proud of achieving?  

Can’t wait to read your comments! 

Sending love and positive vibes, 


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Wonderful job Luna … ppl can start smoking but quitting it is a big deal … am young to say that , but honestly that’s as far I have read in newspapers!! I too celebrated a small win , today it’s been 1 year since I stopped biting nails .!! Ah I kno it’s very small thing but today I have sharp and long nails .!!

Hey Luna, that is true win. I’m so glad for you.
Honestly once I wanted to write you to stop smoking.
I don’t smoke many years. Smoking is very bad thing.
Congrats! 🌹

Congratulations Luna! 🙂 Back when I was around 10 – 11 years old I saw a boy who was about 7 or 8 years old walking outside a store smoking a cigarette. 😱 I tried smoking when I was a freshmen in high school – today I am glad that I never acquired the habit. Both of my brothers did: one smoked his way into two strokes which cost him the use of one of his arms and he can barely walk. The other one severely damaged his lungs and after an accident during which he inhaled bleach he was diagnosed with Sarkadosis. He has been on oxygen for about six years now. Both were bigger and stronger than I am even though I’m the oldest yet and today they are both weaker than I am as a result of following our dads example of smoking.

Fantastic! I have gone through that gauntlet of frustration. So I commend you on the dedication and triumph of doing this. My goal has been to spend time fixing those projects that we all dread of. Replacing the seal in my stained glass window before one good slam knocked it out.
Keep up the journey it is well worth it. Blessings to you.

Wow, I really had to think about that. I’m not in the best of situations so I had to pause for a minute. Hmm, let me think about that for a minute. Okay, I know now what I am thankful for. My health, for the most part I’m healthy with a few aches and pains here and there, but for the most part, I’m good.

Congratulations My Dear! You need to celebrate yourself and be very PROUD of yourself for the strength and will power it takes to break this poisonous habit!! You are to be praised for protecting yourself and your health!!! Please be strong and never go back, please, Dear!!

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