Appreciating women

Happy International Women’s Day! 

What better way to celebrate this day than by appreciating women. Write down in the comment which woman/women you appreciate and why. Let’s show women some love on this day and I will go first: 

The woman in my life I appreciate the most is my mother who was actually born on this day. Happy Birthday Mom! I think she is an amazing woman who had to go through a lot and never lost hope and she was an amazing mother even in times when some would give up trying. Even though we didn’t have a lot and grew up in domestic abuse, she made me and my sister feel like we had everything. I wish that one day I will grow up to be at least half the woman she is <3 

Now it’s your turn, can’t wait to read all of your lovely comments! 

Sending love and positive vibes, 

13 thoughts on “Appreciating women

  1. The woman I appreciate the most in my life is my mother. She endured a lot, she raised me alone being a single mom, yet she never once complained about it. She had breast tumor for a year before she had to leave, was in severe pain, yet all she worried about was me. She was a strong, loving, and sincere woman. She passed away December 30th, 2018. And March 17th is her birthday. And I do wish to grow up to be half the woman she was. How I wish she knows that.

  2. There are two women I appreciate most in my life, my mother and sister. I never had a father figure in my life but because I’ve never felt that gap. I wouldn’t be what are I am without them and if there was a way to pay them back, I think I would spend all my life trying to repay that dept. I pray that their lives are full of joy always and I’ll dedicate myself to making them more happy stress free. Happy women’s international day to all.

  3. Congratulations for this amazing post! Best wishes to you Luna, to your mother, to your sister!

  4. I’m sorry your childhood was fraught with violence… I love that you’re giving appreciating your mom on this day… I would say I appreciate both my sisters.. I grew up very poor and not in the greatest conditions but my two sisters have been my rocks throughout my life… They’ve kept me sane and the two people who know me the best.. I would be completely lost without them!!! ❤️ Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I appreciate my wife firstly. An amazing, strong, confident, organized, loving person who I have been fortunate to share my life with for over 43 years. I can not forget my Mother, who has now been gone for 47 years. She gave everything to her family and left us way too early. Happy International Women’s Day Luna. Allan

  6. Happy women’s day and happy birthday to your mother. 🎂🎉

  7. The woman I appreciate the most is my wife. She’s amazingly talented, inspires me to be better at my art, and never gives up on me and my crazy dreams. I’m in awe when I watch her creating something on her sewing machine and see the beautiful things she turns out. She also raised our two beautiful and talented daughters, inspiring them both to become writers.

  8. Great post! My wife is the woman in my life. But most important was my foster mother who took me in as her own even if I was a messed up teen. I wrote an ode to her in one of my first blog post. Thanks for sharing and letting me share.

  9. oh to love a woman is like to love a flower

  10. to love a woman is like to love a flower the more you water it the more it florish the more you feed it weed it the more it blooms and gives more room for other flowers to grow. The less you love it the more it dies and become toxic for other flowers to contain.

  11. I appreciated my mom, gone since February 2002, I appreciate my wife…Because she has been the only woman to ever truly understand me.

  12. Amazing 😍

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