Everything went wrong

Good Morning!

So guys, do you know those days when nothing goes right? I had that day yesterday. Everything was falling out of my hands, whatever I started to work on went wrong, I barely made it through my workout, a task it usually takes me about 45 minutes to do for my job took me 2 hours because I kept on getting errors and had to start over.

Nothing went my fucking way and that’s not a good thing to experience on a Monday. But today is a new day.

And I also finally got in touch with my doctor! That was the only positive thing that happened yesterday. I told you about the fiasco of my Saturday at the doctors office and told you about my issue with my hand in my latest video: https://youtu.be/4hGtC2I79L0

Now that you are up to date with my health issue, let me tell you that the cream that the doctor gave me made things worse. Everything got even more red and hurt like hell. Yesterday my doctor prescribed me another medicine and I can already feel my skin feeling better and it doesn’t hurt as much so I am guessing that it will go away now. In case it doesn’t, I will have to go to my doctors office and probably to a dermatologist but let’s hope that does not happen!

I am going to try and have a better Tuesday than Monday. Let me know what you’ve been up to lately and how is your beginning of the week going!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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8 thoughts on “Everything went wrong

  1. Same here Luna, my computer took all day to do an update rendering it almost useless, only for it to have forgotten everything it updated yesterday. I achieved nothing yesterday. I hope you have a better day today and that your hand is better soon.

  2. Another lovely piece. I enjoy reading stuff like this. There is something magical about it. Creating something out of nothing. I told you last time that I wanted to start writing this way and then produce a story out of vacuum. Here’s one such attempt. https://dipankardasgupta.com/2021/03/14/avenue-hair-dressers/ Visit my post if you have the time. Even if you don’t, please keep writing posts such as this one. I will surely be looking out for them. All the best.

  3. It was no worse than me, just because I was working on group assignments myself I dropped out of school.

    Thank you for great motivation to always be positive in everything.

  4. ❤🙏 back at ya

  5. Hope your hand heals quickly 🙏

  6. a real mistake should apologize for wronging someone, right?

  7. Sending Positive vibes to you, it Will be better

  8. Try with marigold cream

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