Did my 6th sense wake up?

Do you believe in hunches? Do you think people can really sense somethings, know in advance something is going to happen, know that something is wrong without having any proof that something is wrong? Do you think the 6th sense is real?

I have been having this gut feeling for a while now and I tried to ignore it because I know myself and I am the type of person that gets very anxious often and sometimes my mind gets the best of me but this is different.

It came to my attention that it is different when I constantly started to have the same dream for a few nights now and I always wake up around the same time, switch from one side to the next and I continue having random dreams but pretty much the same people are always involved in them.

I also start to feel nauseous sometimes and for the life of me, I cannot sleep enough or well for that matter. I first thought it was stress and then I decided to step away from my laptop around 8-8:30, spend my hours before bed reading, journaling etc., in hopes I would be able to sleep better but no. I am watching my diet, I am working out, I was doing everything in my power to feel better and finally sleep better but this gut feeling is still around and it’s still haunting me so I decided to come here and honestly just check in with you guys to see what do you think about it?

What’s worse is that I cannot talk to people in my life (and my dreams) about this because I am scared I might just be paranoid and then everyone is going to think I’ve lost it.

So, I am having a fun time in my head…


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6 thoughts on “Did my 6th sense wake up?

  1. This Engrained Heart September 9, 2021 — 8:53 am

    It feels something. Perhaps your dream tries to show you in a way that only you know. Or a time when deja vu happen, you might remember your dream.

  2. you are definitely not crazy…not at all…trust me

  3. It doesn’t have to be a “sixth sense” or anything supernatural. You’re dreams are a reaction to the stress you’re feeling. Sometimes I don’t notice I’m feeling stressed until I start having stressed dreams. The problem can be figuring out what’s really causing the stress. Our minds are great at self-delusion.

  4. You’re not crazy or paranoid…if your gut or your dreams are telling you something is wrong or off, then it is. Try not to stress or overanalyze it. What’s helped for me the last coupe of months is total quiet time…no tv, radio, technology. Every day I take a couple hours for myself – go for a walk, lay down, whatever it takes to get that quiet time. It’s helped me…

    The whole world is on edge right now…there is a warfare going on – spiritual, biological…it’s causing” tension” in a lot of people.

    Don’t be discouraged.
    Hopefully you can figure this out!

  5. Dreams are random, but sometimes when we think about someone or something too much, we see dreams of them or related to them.

  6. Your 6th sense didn’t wake up. You just became more CONNECTED to your intuition. I say connected because it’s a part of you. It’s that knowing and feeling that you have when something isn’t right even though no one else thinks so. It’s that knowing and feeling that directs you towards a part that seems too great to be a coincidence. And if your intuition is trying to tell you something, then it’s best you listen. Kudos on recognizing that a message is trying to come through.

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