Quality time in nature

Today was a day when I finally managed to rest mentally for at least a few hours. My grandparents are doing as well as they can and hopefully, they will only get better in the upcoming days. 

My boyfriend came to keep an eye on me this weekend since I’ve been a mess for the last week and we spent some time in nature today. There’s a botanical garden near me so we went to take a walk and soak up the sun. My problem has been that ever since the clock changed I haven’t had much time out on the sun because I end my work at 4, sometimes later if I work overtime, and the sun is already nowhere to be found at that hour. 

Today was a beautiful, warm, sunny day so it really did wonders for my mental health and overall mood. Also, spending time in nature and not my four walls was more than beneficial. The botanical garden is a few minutes away from me and the entry ticket is almost free. It’s about 10kn and that would be around $1.50, so as I said – almost free. And look how pretty it is: 

Excuse the bad photos, but my phone camera lens is still cracked. I am hoping that I will recover financially from my moving before Christmas because I want to buy myself a new phone. It’s been my plan to get a new one but moving kind of disrupted my financial plans and placed my very long wish list on hold.  

The rest of the day has been spent with a Harry Potter marathon. It is the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter movies so it is imperative for all Potterheads to do a marathon. I don’t think I will ever get tired of the Harry Potter movies, I could rewatch them every year. Today we only watched the first four movies, because they were on HBO2. It was an unplanned but welcomed marathon.  

Hope you are all healthy and happy this weekend.  


3 thoughts on “Quality time in nature

  1. Lovely autumn pictures 🙂

  2. The gardens look beautiful! Thanks for the fun post, and have fun with the Harry Potter movie marathon. They are great, except the last ones make me sad.

  3. Great pictures. Reminds me I need a break too. I also am a long Harry Potter fan. Hope your family is well.

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