Plants update!

The only and most important update about the plants is that they are alive! I cannot believe this, I am so proud of myself. Also, I feel like I am turning into my mom a bit with my plant watering schedule. Truth is that my apartment looks nicer with my plants, just look at them: 

This one is new!

I had a Viola from my last apartment that was already dying and I couldn’t save it because I did not care properly for it, so I replaced it with this cyclamen. Mostly, I keep her near a window where it’s colder because it doesn’t stand high temperatures. I know that if my plant journey is going to fail, it will fail with this flower but we will see. In case I will have the need to replace it, I think I will go with a plant that is not heavily affected by different temperatures. Maybe another Peace Lilly because it’s so pretty! 

Now that I’ve given the plant’s confirmation of life, what else is new?  

I started the Caroline Girvan Epic II workout program and I can’t feel my quads. I know they are here but they are not showing signs of life like my plants are. This program, at least for the first two weeks focuses a bit too much on arms, shoulders for my taste because I hate arm workouts. I have weak arms, cannot do a full pushup to save my life so these hour-long shoulder and arms workouts are giving me anxiety. But on the other hand, maybe I finally manage to do a full push up?  

How did you start your week, what’s new with you?  

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my latest video on YT <3  


4 thoughts on “Plants update!

  1. love your plants they look very healthy 🙂

  2. Glad your plants are alive. They look lovely.

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