Advent and cute pictures!

First of all, here are some cute pics: 

Me and my boyfriend went to the Advent yesterday as well and we finally took some pictures. There was a line to take a picture in front of that moon but it was worth it. The light really brought up the redness on my face.  

Also, I decided to start posting on IG more often again, so if you’d like to follow me there, my handle is @luna.theblog.  

Do you like my new coat? I was having lunch yesterday with my boyfriend and we had to go grocery shopping but we forgot the ketchup. I decided to run to the store again to get some and while I was walking out of the little shopping mall, I was passing by some boutiques and stores so I accidentally came home with Heinz Ketchup and a new coat. Accidentally.  

But starting Wednesday, I will begin to be more careful with money again and work on recovering my savings that I lost when I was moving. Why Wednesday, you ask? Because it’s custom for most companies in Croatia to pay the salary on the 15th of the month and that’s Wednesday this month. I love it when the 15th is on Sunday so that the payday is on Friday the 13th.  

Today I went to my grandparents and it was such a relief to see them after everything they went through with Covid. We had a little family lunch. My mom spent a few days with them and taking care of them. The two of us went to Zagreb together, had a cup of coffee while we were waiting for her train to come.  

All in all, it was a nice little weekend and now I am having my Sunday prep for Monday. Not looking forward to it because the only part of the Xmas spirit I caught was the desire to go on vacation. I don’t have a lot of days off, but it will be enough to rest for a while and start fresh in 2022. Wow, it sounds so weird to know that 2022 is just weeks away. Time flies when you are reliving the same day since 2020.  


6 thoughts on “Advent and cute pictures!

  1. Love to see the happy face in those photos.

  2. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  3. Wow, beautiful pics. Glad you were able to spend time with your family. I’m currently at my parents. Have to go home soon to prepare for the work week as well.
    It is crazy that 2022 is so close. Time is flying by.

  4. If it makes you feel less alone, I missed out on free orchestra tickets because I had to work tonight 😑 these tickets were given to the employees and I swear every employee went to that orchestra because we were short-staffed 😑 IT SUCKED tonight.

    I know it feels like this is the only way to absorb information but trust me, you’ll eventually come to terms with ditching the methods that once worked for you and adopting a new way of studying. Taking notes is time consuming. I gave up reading textbooks because it also ate up all of my time. I was spending more time making my own notes rather than studying the material that was assigned to me. Eventually I just embellished the prof’s notes and added whatever I needed to the slides/power-point lectures. I highly recommend going digital and typing your notes… it’s faster than writing them out by hand. Good luck!

  5. Accidentally 😉 lol

  6. woww i loved ur fashion sense .

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