Time to talk about New Year

Good Morning everyone! 

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I had my little lunch yesterday with my bf’s family, went well and would be better had I not been struggling with my sinuses.  

I have to show off my cute little dress and my new boots that I wore. You can also see this pic on my Instagram @luna.theblog and feel free to follow me there: 

You can also see these pieces and others in my last Youtube video if you are into hauls and fashion videos: https://youtu.be/lTzk62I8vkw

Despite having issues with my sinuses, I am able to sleep at night. It takes me a while to get into a position that fits and a position in which I can breathe but I do fall asleep. I have to wake up a few times during the night because my nose is runny or I can’t breathe properly, but it’s okay for now. 

I know that I have to do whatever to get my health in check by the end of the week because I am actually going to Slovenia with my boyfriend. We booked a hotel and are going to spend New Years there. We are going to Ljubljana and there will be no celebration of New Years out in the open because of Omicron but that doesn’t bother us that much.

We are going there to get away from everything for a few days and hit the reset button. I need a break from my job and my boyfriend is actually starting his first job in January so this will be a nice, relaxing weekend which will let us spend some quality time together. Hopefully nothing gets in our way as it did so many times before when we wanted to leave Croatia for a while. 

What is on your agenda for New Year? 


1 thought on “Time to talk about New Year

  1. Finishing up on oil paintings for family, friends, and the July ComicCon in San Diego. Have a wonderful 2022 and vacation, Luna.

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