Oh, Christmas tree!

I just realized I haven’t showed you my Christmas tree this year! Last year I made a whole Christmas Vlog where I failed miserably at decorating the tree but this year my mom and me did it together and it turned out quite nicely. Last year we had a purple and silver theme and this year we have red and gold: 

I have spent today in bed, going in and out of sleep because of how much my head hurts because of my sinuses. My mom got me some meds that used to help relieve the pressure so now I finally feel a bit better and she got me a few more home Covid tests just to make sure we have some lying around in case I will have to test myself to go to the doctors. This shit is stressful and I have nightmares about that swab.  

Tomorrow I have to get my lazy ass up and work and then I have the rest of the week off. I honestly hope I won’t have to spend it all in bed checking my temperature and blowing my nose. But just in case that happens, do you have any good movie or TV show recommendations? I feel like there’s nothing to watch! I did watch “Don’t look up” yesterday on Netflix and it’s actually really good. I always have a feeling like putting a lot of stars in one movie ends up being a disaster but this is so interesting because it’s funny and also absolutely on the nose about how sad our society became since 2020.  

Hope your day is going by healthier than mine! 


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2 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas tree!

  1. Yes indeed..2022 will be the best for us.

  2. I want to read such feelings ALL the time. Thank you. 😊

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