Pictures from Ljubljana

Here I am with cute pictures! You know I am preparing a little video vlog about this trip. A little disadvantage of our weekend in Ljubljana was the fog. You will see it on the pictures, it’s not edited, the fog really is that thick.  

But overall it was a beautiful experience and I loved the city, especially the fact that the center is a pedestrian zone. The city is so calm but alive at the same time. It’s kind of hard to explain. I will not go into details here, I will tell you all about it in the vlog and now let’s get into the pics. 

The only picture I have from the hotel is from the wellness and spa area: 

Now a little bit from the city:

We also visited the Ljubljana Castle:

And now, the food! I did eat stuff I shouldn’t, you know I have issues with gluten, dairy etc., but… It was worth it. I will suffer this week. I am okay with that:

Hope you liked the gallery! Since my phone camera is still very much broken, I can only take pics on my camera I use to film as well so I always have more footage than pictures. But I do hope I will be able to make a nice vlog for you all!

How did you spend New Year?


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5 thoughts on “Pictures from Ljubljana

  1. Beautiful! I love these ❤️

  2. M's Take on The World January 3, 2022 — 6:53 pm

    Lovely pictures…the spa is very beautiful

  3. Love these 💛💛

  4. Dinner and dancing to a rock’n’roll band at our VFW post. Listening to the all-night neighborhood fireworks. Dreaming off the glasses of plum wine. Happy 2022, Luna.

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