Adjusting to regular life

It has been very easy adjusting to coming back to work and my “regular” life after the holidays and the trip to Ljubljana because it doesn’t feel like winter or holidays. It’s 15 degrees outside, that’s 53 F I believe and that is very warm for winter in Croatia. My windows have been opened since this morning and I haven’t even turned on the heat yesterday.  

Today it’s supposed to start raining and the temperatures will be dropping so I used these warmer days since I’ve been back to do laundry. Drying is a long process in an apartment with electric heaters so keeping it all outside on 15 degrees and a nice wind speeds it up. Towels are already done and folded and my bed sheets are on today’s drying schedule.  

One other thing I have to get back to is working out. I took an unplanned hiatus during December which completely messed up my body for some reason. I am retaining water, my appetite is through the roof and I also got ill for the first time in a long time. I am not saying that not working out contributed to all of that, but the timing is suspicious. Seeing this described here I know what it sounds like so I would just like to state that I am not pregnant. No baby Luna will be coming to say hi in 9 months.  

Speaking of working out, there’s this program that we have here and the company I work in is a part of it where you can pay 100KN (approximately 13€) monthly to get a card which allows you to go to gyms, wellnesses and saunas that are in the program. I have the card, but I’ve never used it and I have been thinking about going to a gym for months now, it’s not some New Years resolution but I always get very insecure about going for the stupidest reasons like “I don’t know how to use the machines” and my favorite “I don’t wanna go alone”. Do you have any tips and tricks on combating this and did you maybe start going to the gym, what are your experiences? I have been thinking about maybe taking one of the trainers from the gym and pay for a few hours with him just to learn how to use the machines, get some advice and all of that.  

The reason why I’ve been thinking about a gym is because I do everything in my 30m2 apartment. I sleep, eat, cook, workout, blog, write, chill, read in my apartment and I also work from home. I feel like the energy of my space is all out of line because I do everything here. My life is in this apartment so I would like to switch it up, try something new and change my routine a bit.  

I am looking forward to reading your advice in the comments! 


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4 thoughts on “Adjusting to regular life

  1. We would never go to a gym, we hate this atmosphere there. The atmosphere is one of challenge. For us, the biggest challenge is not to face a challenge. We enjoy visiting our sauna in the garden, meditating and fasting one day a week. That’s easy. That’s all we do. We are healthy, happy with our appearance and cheerful. Slaving away in gyms would only spoil everything – and it’s out anyway.
    Have a happy 2022
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Most gyms have staff that can take you around and show you the machines the first time you go there. I know when I went before COVID was a thing, they took me around and set up a routine for me after seeing how much weight I could handle.

  3. Don’t like gyms and these days might not be great idea with covid. That of course depends on you. I love cycling. I got back to it again after many years. Being in the fresh air could be the best option anyway. Run or cycle or walk/hike while listening to music or podcasts perhaps. Greetings from Ireland.

  4. In UK gyms you are usually not allowed to use the machines until they give you an introductory lesson on how they all work. In my experience if it’s a normal gym and not one that’s trying to be an extension of a nightclub people are very friendly 🙂

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