Guys, I’m a grandma.

I need Netflix and HBO to kindly stop making remakes of shows that were popular when I was a teen and a preteen. Today, this whole remake phase streaming services are in, became too real for me and it hit a spot it shouldn’t have. 

When HBO remade Gossip Girl, I was fine with it but I never watched it. I was a fan of the original show and I know it was problematic and the whole Dan is Gossip Girl was just a slap in the face, but I never felt the need to watch this remake. 

I am following the remake of Sex and the City because it’s a car crash I cannot look away from, but this doesn’t make me feel old because I watched Sex and the City long after it came out. I mean, the first season came out in 1998 and I was born in 1996. So this remake is painful to watch because they are destroying the characters, forcing the show to be hyper woke and the whole show is a garbage fire, but it doesn’t make me feel old. 

And now…. I was minding my damn business, doing my job, chillin’, and a notification from Netflix came to my phone. “Rebelde” is now on Netflix. I know some of you will not know what the hell I am talking about because I know there are all age groups on my blog but this was a big fucking deal. It was a Mexican adaptation of Rebelde Way from Argentina so I can admit it’s not completely original but it took kids my age by storm then.  

I had posters of the 6 main characters all over my room, I was obsessed with Dulce Maria who played Roberta in the show and she was also a part of the band that emerged from the show. To give some reference, the show is about teenagers attending an elite school, starting a band, falling in and out of love etc.,  

If you know, you know. And when I saw that notifications, I was like all happy thinking that the original show came to Netflix and I can take a trip down memory lane and rewatch all seasons but noooooo. It’s a remake. I felt like I am a 100 years old because of this.  

I watched the beginning of the first episode because I wanted to see the intro. Rebelde, the original one, had this intro song in the first season that was named after the show and it’s just iconic. “Mientras mi mente viaja a donde tú estás…” – iconic, 10/10, brings back so many memories, it’s one of the reasons why I love Spanish which I also got my bachelors in. So, needless to say that this show and band influenced me.  

The remake doesn’t have an intro from what I can tell and I was just not in the mood to watch it or read about it because it makes me feel old and I am scared this remake might destroy the original show for me because the main problem I have with a lot of the remakes and sequels coming out is that they so desperately try to be woke and inclusive that they end up being so forced and hard to watch. 

It’s just lazy, come up with new plots, new characters and new backgrounds and new names for the show. Period. 

Anyways, it made me feel so old. They are remaking a show that influenced me soooo much when I was a tween and I had physical therapy because of my bad knees last year. How am I not supposed to feel like I am old? 


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5 thoughts on “Guys, I’m a grandma.

  1. I don’t like this remake thing at all whether it is a movie, show, or song. I don’t like remakes. Most of the time, it ruins originals. It’s better to create something original even if it is not good rather than creating something by copying others’ creativity and stealing the hard work of others. It’s a crime for me.

  2. I’ve had physical therapy for my bad knees since the age of 14 :). It can indeed make you feel old sometimes, but then I find I worry about age less in general. I mean I’m already old lol.

  3. That’s true.. one cant remake the original with the same conviction!

  4. Well, why was it a big deal for you that Dan was Gossip Girl? I was sure from the first episode that Gossip Girl is actually not a girl, but wants to make all of us think that (s)he is. Otherwise, it would have been too obvious.

  5. I spoke with another blogger about this the other day. I think remakes are okay but not all of it. It completely depends on the plot of the movie. Gossip girl for me was great but the end was soo unsatisfying, I actually posted a review of it on my blog today and then I found your post haha. Anyways , I am not looking forwards to watching the remake, till when I’m super bored.

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