Just rambling

You know when you start writing a book and your search history starts looking like you are a bit deranged? My assigned FBI agent must believe I went completely off the rails with the topics I have been investigating.  

It has been fun, I love writing but it is messing with my sleeping a bit. I used to study and do everything the night before and that stuck with me today so I get the drive and inspiration to write in the evening. I did get back to my working out, I re-started EPIC II and sitting down and standing up have been a challenge for the past two days.  

In other news, my boyfriend started working for an insurance company and now I feel like I am in a relationship with an MLM rep because he is constantly trying to sell me something. The latest thing he knows is best for me is life insurance. I know he’s got a point with these things but my problem is that I am a bit stupid when it comes to pensions, insurance etc., so I need him to explain everything to me. He had to write me paragraphs to explain a lot of things I should now in my 25 years of living on Earth and it’s all sooooo boring. 

I feel like I am slowly exiting the January blues and it was about time I did it! I hope you are all doing well and that your beginning of the year has been good! 


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3 thoughts on “Just rambling

  1. i think i remember you vaguely moon lady

  2. It seems you started the year with a good routine and purpose. May this year brings you fruits all around. 💚

  3. No new post for several weeks, earth to Luna, are you still alive? 😉 Waiting for an update of your recent events.

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