Something is in the air and it’s not love.

Happy Sunday everyone! 
I hope you are doing better than I am. 

I woke up ill on Friday and I was convinced it was just my sinuses acting up because I always have problems with them and I called my doctor hoping for some antibiotics to get rid of it soon but all I got were some lousy nose drops that are not helping anything. My head is going to explode and if I blow my nose one more time, I swear my brain is going to come shooting out of my nostrils.  

I have been sporting this sexy-at-home look with tissues stuffed up my nose for the last two days. I am getting a bit worried that this isn’t just my usual sinus infection because whoever I talk to and say I am ill, the reply is that also someone at their house is ill, my aunt is ill, my boyfriend has a fever, my nephew is ill… I guess something is in the air and I made sure that the substance in my air is not covid.  

I was honestly worried that I got it after two years of successfully avoiding it, now that the restriction are down, but the test was negative.  

I am going to spend the rest of the day wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. I was supposed to get back to Zagreb on Saturday, but with all of this happening I decided to stay home a bit longer which isn’t that bad considering that I got my mom here to help me out with everything until I get better.  

On the plus side, being forced to stay in bed this weekend gave me time to write. It has been a while since I told you that I finally got some inspiration to write a book, novel, story, wherever it may take me but I got a bit too much inspiration. As I started writing, ideas would just pop into my head so I have successfully started three different books and finished neither of those. I am not the best at sorting my thoughts and focusing on a single project. Let’s see which one wins the race and gets finished and published first. 

Me and my raging headache are going to go back into the horizontal position again.  

How is your weekend going? 


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6 thoughts on “Something is in the air and it’s not love.

  1. Fell better soon.

  2. Sorry I mean feel better soon.

  3. I hope whatever it is goes away soon so that you feel much better again and you can finish at least one of your books!

  4. Hope you bounce back soon.

  5. This time of year I get watery eyes from the pollen that comes from the pine trees. It usually passes by around May. Could it be pollen that is making you feel unwell? I certainly hope you start feeling better.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. ❤❤❤

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