This sucks.

So, I got Covid. It’s my first time so you might say I lost my covid virginity. I think it’s redundant to say that it sucks. I was tested positive on Thursday and I struggled with a fever for two-three days, my bones hurt but I am getting better, except my head which is still killing me.

Also, I had concert tickets for Saturday for my favorite singer and I was looking forward to it for two months and I had to sell them. I actually cried when I tested positive because I had to miss the concert. I think that being on my period and testing positive had something to do with the tears, but I was still sad. I hoped like crazy that I might be negative that I tested myself 5 times, 4/5 were positive.

So here I am, just going crazy in my apartment. I have been killing time by rewatching Wednesday on Netflix (highly recommend) and I am watching Young Sheldon. For the first two days, I was a bit short on food, especially breakfast food, but I got creative, ordered a bit and today my groceries were delivered so I can finally cook something normal. And I also got a bunch of fruit to get my vitamins in.

On the 8th I will finally be out of isolation and be free. I am going to go and eat my oranges now and watch what young Sheldon is up to.



I published a poetry book so if you’d like to get it, it’s called Rehab.

21 thoughts on “This sucks.

  1. InnAustralia it is no longer a legal requirement for people diagnosed with COVID-19 to isolate. So it sounds like that when we were in lockdown like a fortress other countries had way more freedoms. Now it sounds like the exact opposite. Sorry to hear you missed your concert. Stay safe

  2. Sorry to hear that. Take care.

  3. Yes that does suck. I am still a Covid virgin thankfully. I certainly do not want it just now as my wife is in hospital with a double fracture of her pelvis after a bad fall and she also had viral pneumonia. She has been there already for 2 whole weeks and they say it will be another 4 weeks yet – which is after Christmas! So, what with visiting and doing things for her every day and organizing modifications to our house so that she will be better able to manage getting around safely, my life (as well as hers) has been turned upside down. We have tickets to 1 concert and 2 theatre shows which we may not be able to use now. And accommodation booked for two of those events that I might have to try and get my money back for. Life certainly throws us some curve balls at times. I hope you recover quickly.

  4. Get well soon Luna!

  5. Feel better soon.

  6. the good news is that you’re not in China

  7. Get well soon <3

  8. Speedy recovery, Luna!

  9. Sorry to hear of your battle with COVID-19. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery! Take care!!

  10. I’m sorry ~ I had it in July and am still dealing with brain fog and shortness of breath.

  11. Feel better soon!

  12. I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Hope you get well soon. Take care & be safe.


  14. Sorry to hear it got you, Luna! ((hugs))

  15. Glad to know you’re getting better. Hope you recover fully soon!

  16. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  17. LUNA, I’m so sorry to hear that you caught COVID. Please take cae of yourself and do not try to push yourself to return to full activities too soon. I hope that the rest of your recovery is easier.

  18. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear this, My Dear! Hope you make a full and speedy recovery! Sad that you missed your concert. I hate it when you’ve planned and waited for something and Life makes different plans for you?? 😢😢💕🌹

  19. Here in Australia, you no longer have to iso if you are having bad symptoms they recommend you stay home. I had covid for the first time back in August, and gosh, it hit me hard it went through the whole house, and I was hit the hardest. Do you have vicks? That will help (well, it did for me) hope you feel better soon.

  20. Hope your fever’s broke ! Sending positive energy for complete recovery.

  21. Very sorry to hear that you got COVID, and I sure hope you recover fully with no long term effects. That does suck about your concert, especially now after all of the COVID isolation.

    I am actually watching Wednesday as I write this. I really like the Wednesday gorl, but the new Gomez seems just not right somehow.

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