I am broke

Guys, I am so broke. Every year, without a shadow of a doubt, I will fall into a situation where I am just bleeding money. The last moth was definitely this years financial shitshow.

I had my vacation booked for a few months now so I knew it was coming and that I had to pay for my hotel and the plane tickets were already paid in advance. Then my apartment flooded which meant I had to move, pay for the weeks I stayed at my landlord’s apartment, give a deposit for my new place and give the first months rent. That was very mentally and financially draining, I talked about it in my latest video on Youtube, go and check that out: https://youtu.be/OwTkBXTx7wA

Then I had issues with my own apartment that I am renting back in my hometown. My tenant is great, no problems with him but a lady that also lives in a rented apartment in the building started causing issues out of nowhere and now I have to pay because of her tantrums. We have an issue with parking in front of my building, there isn’t enough space for everyone. It’s a small building with only 6 apartments and we made an agreement between the owners about where my tenant can park his car. He doesn’t spend all his time in the apartment, most of the time he is gone because he lives there only for work so it’s not like he was constantly parked in front of the building.

The problem was that the parking space we gave him was in front of the terrace of the woman who made a fuss. Everything was fine and then she went off the rails. Suddenly, she had a problem that he was parked in front of her apartment which pissed me off because it’s not her apartment, she is not the owner but she behaved like the whole building was hers. I didn’t even know she attacked my tenant, insulted him and made him move his car. He started to pay for parking in the city and called us to tell us what had happened.

Since I am in Zagreb, my mom was taking care of everything and went to a meeting with the other owners and the owner who rents the apartment to that lady. They met up in the building and the lady heard them talking, got out and started yelling at her landlord, she cussed him out, attacked my mom who managed to handle it well. My mom found out that day that it wasn’t just my tenant she was bothering. The lady was terrorizing the whole building, people who are actual owners were scared of her and tried to avoid her.

Thank God I wasn’t at that meeting because I have quite a short fuse and I would’ve kicked her out myself, rules be damned.

Later we got to an agreement that she would give the parking space back but she still didn’t do it and it ended up with her landlord and the rest of the owners agreeing that we should build two parking spaces next to the building – one for me and one for them. Which meant I had to pay to have the parking space built. It isn’t easy as it sounds because the building is on a bit of a hill so we had to secure the parking and everything.

I was amazed by the behavior of that woman. She behaved as if paying rent made her untouchable. Well, the delusion was broken because she got evicted, as she should. If it was my tenant behaving like that towards me, I would’ve called the police if necessary to kick him out.

The last month for me was just a giant apartment and financial crisis and I am so glad it’s finally all over. I also went to a wedding last month and I am going to another next weekend which is also not cheap. I had to dig deep into my savings to make ends meet and I am waiting for next Friday when my paycheck will finally arrive because I don’t like to have to live off my savings. I am one step away from living on noodles and water.


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3 thoughts on “I am broke

  1. Oof! Sorry about that. I hope this month is better financially. At least, thank God for a paycheck.

  2. I hate it when everything seems to happen at once and the money just drains away… hopefully, you will have a peaceful month where nothing needs paying for…

  3. Oh, wow, Luna. That is intense. Some people of no respect or consideration for others, SMH. I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time recently. Wishing you many blessings for the future.

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