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Holiday time

Hello everyone and happy holidays! 

I hope you will all have the chance to celebrate Christmas safely and with the people you love. I am still working on feeling okay and getting my mental health in check. Currently, I am home with my mom which helps. Also, today I will be editing my first vlog and hopefully I will be able to publish it today or tomorrow because it’s a Christmas vlog.  

Having a project helps me. Vlogging and learning more about video editing and Youtube is my new project.  

I will be having lunch with my mom and in the evening, we are going to have dinner at my sisters place and I will be decorating the tree with my nephew. I am not creative with Christmas trees which you will see in my vlog, but hopefully my nephew got my mother’s and sister’s creativity. He’s four and a half, I expect a lot from him. 

Anyways, this is it for me and I have to get down to editing. Have a lovely Christmas Eve and I am sending love and positive vibes! 


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My life

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This is definitely my favorite holiday but today I’m not having such a great time. I came home on Thursday and let me tell you that the ride home was a mess. Our car broke down and me and my brother-in-law had to wait for the towing service for an hour and a half. When we finally got home, we had some dinner and the next day I spent the evening with my friends which I haven’t seen for four months.

Saturday was a family day for me. I went to see my grandma and in the evening I had dinner and opened a bottle of wine with my family. Then the Christmas morning came and I wanted to kill myself.

I have such a terrible cold. I can’t breathe and what’s worse of all I can’t eat. All of this food and I’m sick to my stomach. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude but it’s not working that well so my plan is to stay  warm under the blanket and watch movies.

Here are some pics from my past few days home and some pics from my nephew’s Christmas photo shooting. As you can see Christmas in my house revolves around my baby nephew because it’s his first Christmas and he is just so adorable!


david merry-christmas christmas-photoshoting baby

baby-boy christmas-table cake-and-wine dinner presents christmas-morning christmas-presents

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