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Holiday time

Hello everyone and happy holidays! 

I hope you will all have the chance to celebrate Christmas safely and with the people you love. I am still working on feeling okay and getting my mental health in check. Currently, I am home with my mom which helps. Also, today I will be editing my first vlog and hopefully I will be able to publish it today or tomorrow because it’s a Christmas vlog.  

Having a project helps me. Vlogging and learning more about video editing and Youtube is my new project.  

I will be having lunch with my mom and in the evening, we are going to have dinner at my sisters place and I will be decorating the tree with my nephew. I am not creative with Christmas trees which you will see in my vlog, but hopefully my nephew got my mother’s and sister’s creativity. He’s four and a half, I expect a lot from him. 

Anyways, this is it for me and I have to get down to editing. Have a lovely Christmas Eve and I am sending love and positive vibes! 


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