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Food is still my only hobby

Can the sun please remember that Croatia exists and come hang out with us for a little bit? The weather this week has been shitty and cloudy. There was sun, but some of us (ME) are working in the morning and since Croatia does that dumbass clock-changing daylight saving thing, by the time I actually can go for a walk the sun is gone(if there was any that day). I need to buy some vitamin D, I am getting depressed.

Let me talk about food because that’s not something I have been talking about too much lately haha. I am getting obsessed with making food but that’s what happens to me when I have a new project I like. The same with this blog and The Poetry Bar, it just consumes my thoughts.

Aren’t these like just some beautiful pancakes. Also, I will probably not go home until Christmas Eve and I am sad about that so I bought 4 Christmas decorations to make myself feel better. This picture was possible because I bought a camera I cannot afford after breaking the lens on my phone camera, ordering a new one 3 times and all three of those people scammed me and sent me some shitty plastic.

I decided to go for the American style pancakes today because I can use this blueberry “sauce” or spread or whatever on them. In Croatia we eat crepes and feel free to read that word in a terrible French accent like I usually do. Or better yet, try reading the Croatian word for pancakes/crepes: Palačinke. If there’s a square or some weird sign in the word is because your device maybe does not recognize this letter of the Croatian alphabet which is like a C but with a small V on top of it. I know that from this very professional description, you can already tell I studied languages and am actually, according to my bacc. diploma, a philologist. #education

So anyways what I was actually trying to say is that it’s easier to use a healthy homemade sauce on american pancakes which is why I made them. If I had done crepes I would go and buy Nutella, Linolada, Kras Express (I know you don’t know these last two things, but it’s for like the 4 Croatian people who actually read my blog – I see you!) because that’s what I want to eat my palačinke with. It’s how my grandma used to make them for me and even though I am trying not to eat heavily processed food full of sugar – I am not giving up on some things. No.

These random posts about my boring life are because I lack the creativity to write poetry lately. I think it’s because, despite being a bit down because of the pandemic, I am overall happy in my life. I still have to remind myself of all of the good things that I have to keep that feeling of happiness, but I am feeling good lately. Like my family is healthy, for the first time in my life I am in a relationship and happy about it (we celebrated our 6 months recently, still can’t believe it), I have a job and I am also healthy and I am making better choices in life for myself. So yeah, I am trying to keep this happiness and not let my mind get the best of me because that does happen sometimes. I start to overthink or I just start imagining negative things in my head and I get really anxious and sad. I know there are a lot of people who go through the same thing. Just want to let you know that we are in this together.

Since I started to do these daily posts and update you on the fact that my life consists of working and cooking, I was actually thinking about filming vlogs and uploading them to my Youtube, but I don’t think it would be very fun to watch because my life is just like: get up, spend 8h working from home, cook and eat, force yourself to walk and exercise for a bit, read or watch something and go to bed. But I am still considering that idea of filming how boring and random my life is. Let me know what you think down in the comments.

As always, let me know what you have been up to, how are you spending your weekend, what’s been happening?

I am going to go and watch Netflix today because I am so full that I need to rest for a bit. Just to let you know I am a little pig, this stack of pancakes was dessert. I had a full meal before that – a couscous salad with chicken and a bunch of veggies. I can’t breathe. By the way, let me know in the comments if you have some TV show suggestions for me. I have Netflix and HBO GO so those are the two platforms to choose from. Movies are welcomed as well.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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My life

Cooking my boredom away

It has been a long time since I just came here to have a little chat with you. How have you been, I’ve missed you! 

Lately the blog focus was just The Poetry Bar and I kind of went silent. It’s because I actually fell into a routine which suffocates my creativity and my inspiration. As soon as my days start to all look the same, I immediately lose my writing motivation because I just go through the motions, my emotions get a bit shut down and I just live and the life I lead suppresses my inner writer.  

I am back to working from home full time, the corona situation is causing issues in Croatia again so my life is just like wake up, work, eat, take a walk to get out of the apartment, maybe some exercise, maybe see my boyfriend, netflix or a book and sleep. It’s getting exhausting.  

There’s only one thing that has changed recently in my life. I decided to learn how to cook. That’s right people – 24 years old and don’t know how to cook. Who wants to marry me? 

Cooking is the one skill I did not acquire through my years of living away from home. I moved out when I went to university which was years ago and I never showed any interest in cooking. Something sparked my interest now and I have been reading recipes and getting busy in the kitchen. I realized that (apart from the dish washing) cooking really helps me relax. Just after making a few basic recipes I already started experimenting, I understand some things about cooking better. Yesterday I even made dessert. It’s a type of food often eaten in Croatia during the Advent time and since we do not have Advent this year because of the restrictions I made it on my own. The dish is called fritule and it was my first time making them. If anyone from Croatia is reading this and rolling their eyes because I am proud of myself for cooking something so simple – let me be, I used to burn water. 

So, that’s pretty much it for me today. I decided that I am going to force myself to find ways to step out of this routine, get back my creativity and post more often. It won’t be poetry immediately, but I can always come rambling about something else here or even share my new-found cooking skills with you all.  

Do let me know in the comments down below how are you, do you want to share something you have been doing or what has been happening. I love reading your comments! 

Sending love and positive vibes,

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Pasta with veggies and tuna

Hello world, hope you all are having a nice day. I’m having lunch and after that I’ll go to the beach and try to get me a nice tan.

This is a really fast and easy recipe. All you have to do is cook your pasta and on the side place olive oil onto a frying pan, and place some onions on top and cook it all on medium heat. Add the rest of your vegetables, I went with paprika, and when it’s all nice and soft add half a can of tuna (if you are cooking for one). Mix it all on medium heat and add your cooked pasta. Serve with some salad. I chose rukola. Bon appetit!

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Pancakes time

Just to make you drool a bit :*


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