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Typewriter poetry


Poem #200

I don’t like watching horror movies
because I lived in one.
I know monsters are very much real and
there’s something so human inside of them.
They just take and only give violence in return.
They have the “normal” person vibe but
behind closed doors they sow fear.
They are capable of destroying their own
flesh and blood. What’s more monstrous than that?
Why watch horror movies when there are
monsters roaming the Earth?


Poem #190

They told me my place was under
the bed because that’s where monsters hide.
And what are you going to do when
I accept that role and crawl from under
to come after you?

You tried to demonize my name.
Told me that even my smile is nothing but a sin.
Why are you trying to make me feel ashamed?
Is it because you’re exposing my faults
just to hide your insecurities?

I dare you to call me a monster one more time.
Just provoke me, give me a reason to crawl
from under that bed and kick open your
closet to show you all the skeletons you’ve
been so carefully hiding.