Poem #128

I don’t like watching horror movies
because I lived in one.
I know monsters are very much real and
there’s something so human inside of them.
They just take and only give violence in return.
They have the “normal” person vibe but
behind closed doors they sow fear.
They are capable of destroying their own
flesh and blood. What’s more monstrous than that?
Why watch horror movies when there are
monsters roaming around us?

19 thoughts on “Poem #128

  1. That’s so true
    And so sad.
    You have a way with words…

  2. Indeed. Somehow, reality inspired movies.

    1. Art imitates life right?

      1. Very true. No one can grasp anything beyond their imagination of something already present.

  3. Tragic and true…Great poem, though.

      1. My pleasure.

  4. There are never as many monsters as some would have us believe, and so often when confronted the monster just seems to melt away. We have to learn to confront monsters. A good piece with some interesting thoughts. Well done 🙂

  5. I love this, especially “there’s something so human inside of them.”

    1. That’s the scariest part!

  6. Yes! Always the quiet neighbor next door!

    1. Couldn’t agree more

  7. Congrats on #200!

  8. This hits too close to home! #monster

  9. Yet we still can’t live in fear

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