Poem #236

The emptiness of this room whispers
to me with the same pain you had in your voice:
“Sometimes love just isn’t enough”

With those words you made the poetess
in me want to set on fire all of the poems she wrote.
If not love, then what?


I decided to end today with this quote. I really needed to read this today and maybe some of you needed this quote as well so I decided to share it. Lately, I have really had difficulties with controlling my reactions to… everything. I have just been so quick to snap. Anyways, I am tired. I am going to bed because I have to do this life thing all over again tomorrow but I hope with better control of my emotions.

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Sending love and positive vibes,


Poem #198

It always happens when the night falls.
As darkness slowly starts its kingdom over
the sky, it slowly takes over your soul.
You avoid mirrors because you don’t know
what are you going to see in them.
The voice whispers in your ear: “There’s
so much more for you ahead.”
But you, so beautiful and so kind are trapped
in the misery of your own making because of
trying to fit in with the world when you were
born to stand out.

Poem #130

I heard your voice before going to sleep
last night. I heard you repeat the words you
said that day. It all felt so real again.
“I might have been a lowlife who caused you
pain but I caused it because you loved me
and I felt the same. You can’t be hurt by
people you don’t care about. I am  nobody to
say what you need in life since I was too stupid
to provide it for you but please, don’t settle for
less than you deserve like you almost did with me.”
I felt your arm holding me. I felt your breath on my skin.
Tears streaming down my face, goosebumps all over me.
It all felt so damn real.

Poem #77

You are one sin, one vice short to
be perfect. Can I be one of those
for you tonight? If you have a wonderful
flaw it will make you seem so much
more real.

Let me show you the wild side
of this night filled with stars. Grab
a bottle from the bar, it should be
enough. Dance, yell, kiss me like
we are alone. Don’t think about
tomorrow, don’t hold yourself back.
I’m by your side, the night will hide
us in its arms.

Poem #6

I am holding on to you  because I think
low of myself. I don’t believe anyone will
want me after you, I am scared that moving on
means being left alone. That’s probably what makes
me believe love is what we have.
No love story ever described it as something
so twisted and painful.


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Poem #5

I don’t need to hear that you love me.
I need you to show it to me.
I don’t need you to tell me fairytales.
I need to live them with you.
I don’t need you to be here because you think
it’s the right thing to do.
I need you to choose me before everyone else
and be here because you want to.

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