Poem #88

I heard your voice before going to sleep
last night. I heard you repeat the words you
said that day. It all felt so real again.
“I might have been a lowlife who caused you
pain but I caused it because you loved me
and I felt the same. You can’t be hurt by
people you don’t care about. I am  nobody to
say what you need in life since I was too stupid
to provide it for you but please, don’t settle for
less than you deserve like you almost did with me.”
I felt your arm holding me. I felt your breath on my skin.
Tears streaming down my face, goosebumps all over me.
It all felt so damn real.

5 thoughts on “Poem #88

  1. Nice one Luna

    1. Thank you šŸ˜Š

  2. Is this a poem? Seems prose-y.

    1. Actually there is a thing called prose poetry, so…. google it

      1. Ah, ok. Well then this is my introduction to the genre. And now that i know what it is, it seems like a really good example. Sorry if i came off as rude.

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