I decided to end today with this quote. I really needed to read this today and maybe some of you needed this quote as well so I decided to share it. Lately, I have really had difficulties with controlling my reactions to… everything. I have just been so quick to snap. Anyways, I am tired. I am going to bed because I have to do this life thing all over again tomorrow but I hope with better control of my emotions.

Make sure to send in your submissions for The Poetry Bar, Positivity Press and #savingme. Also, this week we will be having a really exciting announcement about one of our Poetry Bar participants. Can’t wait to share it with all of you!


Sending love and positive vibes,


7 thoughts on “Quote

  1. I prefer to question what is being said, because it is inevitable that someone will listen, and that person will create the further problem.

    All manner of communication does not go completely unheard, and those who do hear will bring in that “Domino effect”, and thus, a rumor begins. A lie begins, when the person who listened, passes the words onto another, and that next person distorts what has been said.

    We should say, “To shout to the opposite end of a valley will reach ears that will hear the opposite of what has been said. A word written and said backwards, is a distortion. That is what is heard on the opposite end of a valley.”


  2. Control of emotions is hard work and that means long happiness life. I have many years practic. You and your emotions are very important because if you don’t breath tomorrow, the world continues to breath.

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