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Rain, rain, go away

Hello everyone! 

You know when it’s such a beautiful sunny day, the summer is in the air. You put on a summer outfit, jacket not needed and head to work. And after killing yourself for 8 hours you look outside the window and realize that someone pissed off Zeus during the afternoon or that the nature is casually trying to wash COVID away with a storm.  

I came home so wet that I had to drain the water out of my shirt when I took it off. By the way that shirt was light blue, now it’s dark blue.

Also while I was taking my romantic after-work walk in the rain that shirt was so stuck to me that it felt like a second layer of skin.. I hate rain and I also hate carrying an umbrella around, I am not Rihanna. 

Anyways, I am going to enjoy my Noodles now, I deserved them. 

Have a lovely day/evening 
Sending love and positive vibes, 



Poem #188

You begged for the rain to last a month.
Just so we could hide under our umbrella
of mutual lies, fairytale moments and beliefs
of us ever standing a chance.

Once the umbrella is closed we will be
standing in the sun but we won’t
be facing each other. The raindrops hitting
my window will always bring a memory
of your touch.


Poem #75

There is something so bitter sweet
in the feeling autumn brings.
You see the trees giving away their
soul, being naked for the wind to
touch them but yet they leave the
ground so colorful for us to walk on.

The rain lingers with a certain smell
in the air and makes us feel as if it
will wash away our sins. The sky is
crying for us to close our umbrellas
and let nature walk us into a new
stage, a new colorful path.


Poem #12

The rain was knocking on our window.
I was snuggling up underneath your arm
as if it were the strongest fortress in the world
when you jumped out of the bed and dragged me
out to the terrace.

As we stood there on the pouring rain I thought
you were crazy and you were actually just
a crazy romantic that wanted to kiss in the rain.
The rain was touching us gently while we engaged
in a high-school teen fantasy of a perfect moment.

We jumped under the shower to wash the
romance off and you introduced me to
a new universe which was secretly only ours.
Now every time I feel raindrops on my skin I can
hear you laugh as if you were still here.


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My life

I’m an idiot

Today I’ve started thinking about all the stupid habits I have that make me an idiot. Sometimes I just do things that make no sense what so ever. Let’s talk about the reasons that make me an idiot. Shall we? We shall!

  1. If it looks like it’s going to rain outside but it doesn’t rain when I walk out of my apartment I won’t, for the life of me, take an umbrella. I don’t care about gray clouds or anything else. If it doesn’t rain when I’m leaving the umbrella is staying in the apartment. Most of the time it starts raining while I’m walking to the bus station and I get soaking wet, my hair looks awful and I’m cold. I’m an idiot.
  2. Most of the time when I receive a message I tell to myself that I’ll answer it later when I get home or before I go to bed and then I answer it….NEVER! I’m awful a texting so everyone who ever thought I was ignoring you on facebook I want you to know that I didn’t. I’m just an idiot.
  3. When we’re already talking about texting let’s talk about calling. I have extreme anxiety issues when it comes to phone conversations. I start walking up and down; all nervous, thinking people can feel my discomfort and don’t even get me started those strange moments of silence. Am I boring to someone, am I supposed to say something is the connection bad. My God, so much stress! I can’t tell you how many times I got a call from a number I don’t know and then people would go all Adele on me saying “hello it’s me” and I’m just get anxious there because I have no idea who am I talking to. People don’t be annoying, you have a name and use it.
  4. If I spent the time I spend on instagram doing something useful, my apartment wouldn’t be a mess, my life wouldn’t be a mess, I wouldn’t have to study all nights and I’d probably still have time to learn Chinese.
  5. I can’t concentrate on anything for more than an hour, sometimes not even that much. I’m the type of student that has to take a break from studying every five seconds because I’m reading about the Spanish independence war and by the time I’m done with the text I have no idea what I read but I do know I have to buy some new moisturizer, cook some lunch and stalk Nick Bateman on instagram. I’m an idiot!

If you are a failure like I am in any of these things feel free to leave me a comment or a like so I know I’m not in this alone. I’m a big mess of a person and it would make me feel easier if you join me so we can be a big mess together.

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Sunday morning, rain is pouring


It’s raining outside and it’s creating that ”drink tea, read a book and snuggle with your blanket mood”. It’s like I can smell the autumn in the air. I love weekends like this when the weather is perfect for staying in bed.

I don’t think I’m going to be posting any poem today so be sure to read my latest one called Like a cigarette. You can just klick here to read it 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

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