The weather is pregnant


The sun was not out today so this shouldn’t be counted as a day so I don’t know why I had to get up and work today.

It has been raining since yesterday, it’s sweater weather and I deserved sleep, cuddles, my blankie and Netflix.

You know that meme of Tom from “Tom&Jerry” where he has toothpicks holding his eyes opened?
That was me today trying to read e-mails.

The only thing I forced myself to do today is go to the library because I am late with returning a book and I also wanted another book to have something to read before bedtime so I went and did it and now I am just on my couch 100% sure I am not doing anything else.

And also this weather needs to make its goddamn mind. It is sunny one week, we are wearing winter jackets the next. It’s like a pregnant woman having different cravings every day. I want to tuck my winter clothes away and show everyone I did not workout enough for the summer and that I don’t say no to chocolate in my short shorts and tank tops. I deserve summer. This has been a difficult year for me (she said in April) and I deserve sun.

I am going to go and watch Youtube videos now and think about what am I going to make a new video about. I always do it last minute. Don’t forget to check out my last video tho:

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6 thoughts on “The weather is pregnant

  1. Well the weather is definitely pregnant 😂

  2. It sounds like a couch relaxing day.

  3. And I love the title…instead of moody, pregnant is so much more fun as a title

  4. I can relate to this. There are days when you can only drag yourself out of the bed and crave for returning to it.

  5. I know how you feel living in Maine. warm and sunny one day and snow the next!! Come on Spring, make up your mind!! Mico

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