Rain, rain, go away

Hello everyone! 

You know when it’s such a beautiful sunny day, the summer is in the air. You put on a summer outfit, jacket not needed and head to work. And after killing yourself for 8 hours you look outside the window and realize that someone pissed off Zeus during the afternoon or that the nature is casually trying to wash COVID away with a storm.  

I came home so wet that I had to drain the water out of my shirt when I took it off. By the way that shirt was light blue, now it’s dark blue.

Also while I was taking my romantic after-work walk in the rain that shirt was so stuck to me that it felt like a second layer of skin.. I hate rain and I also hate carrying an umbrella around, I am not Rihanna. 

Anyways, I am going to enjoy my Noodles now, I deserved them. 

Have a lovely day/evening 
Sending love and positive vibes, 


10 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. “I am not Rihanna. ” Lol
    Hope you got dry and cosy again.

  2. I get where you’re coming from… but I love rain. I’d rather be wet and know there is water going into the tank than be comfortably dry. 🙂 What I really hate is when it rains where I work, and almost all the way home, and I feel so hopeful, and then the ground is dry for the last few km.

  3. Yes, noodles sound lovely after being out in tbe rain😊 warm up and dry off my friend!

  4. haha I don’t know where you are right now, but it rained like crazy over here in NYC too. But I hate the rain. Back when I was a avid skateboarder, raining meant that I could not skateboard–so I used to hate the rain! Now, the idea of rain ruins my mood! It’s funny because when I was a kid, I used to LOOOVVEEEE playing in the rain. Haha!

  5. Rain is great when you’re sitting in your balcony sipping hot tea. But if you’re stuck at some far off place trying to travel run sucks 😂

  6. Enjoy your noodles Luna😹
    Getting caught in rain when not prepared can be tough but good you were heading home and not to work!
    I love monsoon and wait everyday for rain and thunder and the beautiful sky 😊

  7. The brightside of that is you were on your way home annnddd appreciated and enjoyed your noodles on another level!! Maybe this can help switch your perspective a little:

    Got caught in the rain, feels like exactly what I needed. Had I been on my way home and not just spent so much on my hair I would’ve definitely let it rain on my head.

    I know people looking like I’m crazy, but I’m looking at them how could you not enjoy this. I love the rain that washes away the dirt and pain. The rain that makes things grow, how can I not want to be apart of that?

    How could I not want a cleansing even if it’s only for a few minutes. How can I not be one with nature in that moment getting the same life the plants and animals are getting.

    Water dries but for what you get in that moment nothing compares. Nothing compares to God’s love, the love of nourishment, the love of a cleanse.

  8. I really love the sound of rain and smell of earth and all but contrary to that i hate walking under it! 🙈 hope you enjoyed your noodles~ 🌸 have a great night/day dear Luna~ 💕🙈

  9. Laughing at your I am not Rihanna line! You funny. I like your writing Luna.

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