Poem #115

The snow is covering the hills in serenity
and the lost souls are leaving footprints in it.

They aren’t doing it to ruin the white peace,
they are doing it because they don’t want to
be forgotten. If they get more lost they hope
that someone will follow the prints and find them.

Is there a home waiting for them tonight?
A fire to keep them warm, another person to
warm their soul or are they just wandering around,
looking for something to keep them going tonight.

Maybe it will be a cigarette donated by a stranger
or the last drop of wine from the bottom of the cup.

The snowflakes are twisting and turning, making
love to the wind. Maybe that is the entertainment
the lost souls need tonight, let’s just hope it doesn’t
freeze them to the core, let’s hope they find a warm light.

Winter princess

Sound the trumpets, and ring the bells
The winter princess stands in public view
Dressed in red white and green and
Casting snowflakes across the sky
Church bells chime
Cold but crisp
Waking up every
Willo the wisp
Partridge sits in the pear tree
Watching the collie birds circle with glee
Footprints frosty delivering a gift
Give someone who’s little a very big lift
For as belles of the ball sing out with a cheer
Raising aloft their wine or their beer
Little ones sleep in their beds for a while
As someone leaves something under tree … raising smiles
As morning awakes and they’ve eaten their fare
They open their pressies…a doll or a bear
Then with new friends they follow foot prints for a while
While mum and dad watch on with a great big smile
I’m a poet who hails from Salford , England.  Home to James Joule , LS Lowry and Humphrey Booth – and plenty of other scientists and artists.  These great men have provided me with lots of inspiration in my writing.  I also get inspiration from the countries i visit and events i volunteer at…currently part of the volunteer squad of the Imperial War Museum (North) where i help out in the galleries….you can find me at inkdrops.blog or Allpoetry.com/InkdropK
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