Christmas Eve

You know what really kills the Christmas mood? No snow, working on Christmas Eve day and being ill-ish. 

There will be nothing but rain for Christmas here and I am not having it. I honestly cannot remember when was the last time I had a white Christmas. The snow makes its grand entrance in January and I don’t think the snow knows that no one wants him then. There are a few days during Christmas when we need snow. After that it’s an inconvenience.  

I worked the morning shift today but honestly, I am not going to complain much. When I was a waitress, I worked Christmas Eve, like Eve Eve, like I came home around 1 in the morning on Christmas day. I still have to work on Monday and then I will have the rest of the week off. This is completely fine and it’s not like I am making any of the preparations. My mom has been baking, cooking and cleaning for the past three days and I am just looking at all of that food I cannot eat.  

I am also a bit ill-ish. My nose is runny, my throat is a bit sore and yes, I did do the home test for Covid and it was negative. I am going tomorrow to my boyfriend’s for my first formal lunch with his family and I will test myself again just to make sure I don’t come and bring gifts and a disease to my potential future in-laws. I am pretty sure I shouldn’t test positive considering the fact that I have not been exposed to anyone who has it and I also don’t go out much, interact with people etc., to catch it by accident. I haven’t been ill for the longest time and now I caught cold and I also caught paranoia. I swear to God, when I see that fucking swab that comes with the test, I spontaneously start sneezing. But you gotta do, what you gotta do.  

On the bright side, my mom and me decorated the tree and our apartment is decorated nicely thank to my mom that has a new theme every Christmas. Last year we were all about that purple and silver and this year it’s red and gold. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew recently came out of quarantine and are coming over later for lunch and then we are going to go to Marija Bistrica sanctuary. This is the only time of year that my mother gets her wish of getting us all in close proximity of the church. I am not sure we will be listening to the mass or not since we are going there early. I am not a religious person and I go on Christmas because I know how happy it makes her.  

How are you spending Christmas Eve? 


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. I am a server. I work Christmas day and worked today, Christmas Eve. Meh. It sucks.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Hey, it never snows in my part of the world at Christmas or even in January. In fact it is quite unusual if it ever snows even though we are just 2 hours drive from my city of Canberra to the Snowy Mountains where there usually is plenty of Winter snow. Right now, it is Summertime here in Australia! In fact in parts of Australia today on Christmas Day it was 44 degrees Celsius.

  4. Hi Luna! I’m so happy your test came back negative! I hope you enjoy your lunch with your potential future in-laws and the rest if your Christmas day! 🎄

    The hubby and I aren’t doing much. He caught covid two Sundays ago but his test is still showing positive. Thankfully, when had the vaccine so his symptoms only lasted one day. We are pretty sure he’s not contagious but we are waiting to hear back from his doctor. I keep coming back negative so I’ll probably drop off my parents present later this afternoon. I am still paranoid (they are not vaccinated) so I’ll give it to them outside and run lol.

    Merry Christmas!

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