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Snow in Spring

I have a big question mark above my head. We have a pandemic on our hands, there was an earthquake on Sunday, Zagreb is still suffering the aftershocks and now it snowing. In March. In spring. What?

snow in spring

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These are strange times my dear….we are in the US have both an earthquake where my sister lives in SLC, UT last week and where my brother in law lives it is snowing unexpectedly. Mother Nature is showing us she’s in control, not us. Forced reset, we must oblige her🌏❤😊🙌

It does seem that Mother Nature is making us sit up and take notice. Here in British Columbia, Canada we have had the snow gone for a month now – an amazing feat. Crocus flowers are blooming, and tulips will be not far behind. It is a bit erie to have spring so early. But at least I can be out in the garden and forget the affairs of the world for a while. Stay safe!

It Toronto it was bitter cold and then snowed yesterday. Today the snow is gone but it certainly isn’t spring like. I have relatives and friends in Zagreb, thankfully they are okay. My step daughter says she is confined to her apartment and can only leave once every 4 days to get groceries. We have it better here at least I can go for a run every day in the park.

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