Not many men will understand this but I know most girls will. I’m Luna and I’m addicted to fabulous shoes. I just love looking at them, trying them on, buying them and then taking them home with me.


My mother said that if I bought all the shoes I want I would only be able to style them with bras and panties because I’ll have no money left for clothes.

Recently I purchased 3 pairs of shoes. The first ones are these sandals. They are cute, comfortable, and affordable but I actually wanted pom-pom sandals. I couldn’t find ones that fit properly so I took these. I tried to kick up my footwear color palette so they aren’t black. I mostly buy black shoes because they fit best with my clothes.

These second ones made me so happy because I was looking at them online since they came out and now I’ve finally bought them.. They are from a brand called Roberto and it’s one of my favorite shoe brands because their shoes are comfortable, beautiful, trendy and affordable.  I like them because they can be used every day and are a perfect match for casual outfits as well as more elegant ones.

The last ones are a birthday gift from my mom. She didn’t know what to get me for my 20th birthday so she just told me to pick what I want and I picked these beauties. I think that these are the most stable pair of heels I ever owned. The straps don’t cut into my skin and I can spend hours in them. I actually celebrated my birthday in them and my feet weren’t hurting at all when I got home.

So this is it (for now) and I hoped you liked this post. If you want to tell me something about your clothes or shoes addiction leave a comment and you can also share with me what is your favorite type of shoes.

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