Croatian Karen

Hello everyone and welcome to an episode of me being heated. 

I have spent the day stuck with my laptop working on editing my  vacation vlog and actually learning how to edit a vlog and I postponed going to the store. In the evening I decided to go to the store to pick up some stuff I need and to take a walk because I have been staring at the screen for hours.  

It became mandatory to wear a mask in stores and I always have them in my bag. So I grab the things I need and go the checkout counter. There were three people in front of me and a few behind me and only one checkout counter was working. This is a common thing in this particular store. They have about 5 checkout counters and mostly only one actually works.  

The guy working at the checkout counter is obviously new or is a student working part time. He had a woman complaining about something, wanting to speak about it to someone and she was nagging him while he was charging a man for his purchase and then the Croatian Karen behind me opened her entitled mouth.  

She asked the guy working there if he could call another employee to open a second checkout counter so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line and I agreed. In this situation, it’s not ideal for people to stand in line at the store. He had to call someone about the woman complaining about the product and when the Croatia Karen realized that the second employee wasn’t there to open a checkout counter but to attend to the other client she went off.  

“We want you to open another checkout counter. What is this, open another checkout counter!!!!” 

And then she addressed him in a very rude manner. Let’s say she said something like “Hello boy, can you hear me”. I wanted to punch her so badly. I just wanted to punch her. Everyone was standing in line, waiting calmly and she was there being entitled as fuck. Everyone feels uncomfortable wearing a mask and no one wants to stand in line but shit happens. No one forced you to come to that store. If it was uncomfortable for her to wear a mask she could’ve stopped and asked herself how uncomfortable did the workers feel having to wear them for 8 hours. It is a problem to have people standing in line waiting in a store but it’s also the workers who are there for 8 hours dealing with customers and are at a bigger risk of getting the virus than a person that comes, buys and exits.  

People, I wanted to punch her and it took control and a lot of inner self talk to prevent myself from telling her to shut up. Luckily, another coworker came and opened a checkout counter and I don’t think it’s necessary to mention that all of the customers moved so that she could go to the checkout first.  

Karen didn’t even exit the store properly, she was already taking off the mask. The only thing more Karen than this is Karens not wearing masks at all. 

Anyways, I bought myself some chocolate as well so I am happier now and not heated anymore. 

 Sending love and positive vibes 


Shopping on Monday

ankle-boots car-ride mcdonalds outfit

The best way to start a week is to go shopping on Monday. I went to Arena Center in Zagreb with my friend and I made a bit of a fail. I left my money at home in my other purse so we had to turn around and go to my house to get the money. That was kind of embarrassing but thank God my friend Isabella has enough patience to put up with me. Don’t forget to check out her blog! I bought some new shoes and we went to McDonalds and had a cup of coffee. The car rides were awesome as usual because we just get crazy when we drive around.

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Not many men will understand this but I know most girls will. I’m Luna and I’m addicted to fabulous shoes. I just love looking at them, trying them on, buying them and then taking them home with me.


My mother said that if I bought all the shoes I want I would only be able to style them with bras and panties because I’ll have no money left for clothes.

Recently I purchased 3 pairs of shoes. The first ones are these sandals. They are cute, comfortable, and affordable but I actually wanted pom-pom sandals. I couldn’t find ones that fit properly so I took these. I tried to kick up my footwear color palette so they aren’t black. I mostly buy black shoes because they fit best with my clothes.

These second ones made me so happy because I was looking at them online since they came out and now I’ve finally bought them.. They are from a brand called Roberto and it’s one of my favorite shoe brands because their shoes are comfortable, beautiful, trendy and affordable.  I like them because they can be used every day and are a perfect match for casual outfits as well as more elegant ones.

The last ones are a birthday gift from my mom. She didn’t know what to get me for my 20th birthday so she just told me to pick what I want and I picked these beauties. I think that these are the most stable pair of heels I ever owned. The straps don’t cut into my skin and I can spend hours in them. I actually celebrated my birthday in them and my feet weren’t hurting at all when I got home.

So this is it (for now) and I hoped you liked this post. If you want to tell me something about your clothes or shoes addiction leave a comment and you can also share with me what is your favorite type of shoes.

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Saturday shopping

I’ve spent so much money I’m going to starve this month… Well it’s not the first time!

I’ve hit the road early in the morning with my roommate and we went to a shopping mall for some new things. Since we had to wait for out bus on the station we had a breakfast in McDonalds. Ate some morning wraps, croissants and I had to eat an ice cream because I’m such a sugar addict. Can’t help myself :).


So I just wore some black pants, a royal blue peplum shirt, Roberto shoes, black leather jacket and my little backpack. It’s February here but it’s so hot I just walked around in the shirt, without my jacket. I can’t wait for summer to come so we can go to the beach and sunbathe.


Later we proceeded to the shopping mall. We went to H&M, Bershka, Zara… Even though my roommate didn’t want to buy anything I made her do it. I’m the most awful shopping partner ever because I want to see and try everything, it takes me ages to pick what I want and mostly I lose all control and buy the things that I don’t even need.


After a few hours of walking around the stores we came to our apartment and we’re currently making lunch. Going to make some brown rice with veggies and then back to the books because we have exams next week. Anybody have some good studying tips? Please let me know in the comments or my social media: Facebook Luna
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