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Today is a rainy day here in Zadar so I’m just getting comfortable in my apartment with some food, good music and a lot of work but I decided it was about time I posted something so here is a little review of my favorite Nivea skincare products. Since the whole post is about Nivea  I just want to state out that this is not an ad, it isn’t a paid post, I’m just doing it because I love Nivea.


So I’m starting with this shower cream. I purchased it recently and I’ve got to say that I’m loving it. I’ve used many of the standard Nivea products that are in dark blue packages and most of them have that unique Nivea smell but this one is different. The scent is very special and appealing. The shower cream feels very soft against my skin and it does a great job with moisturizing.


The second one is this body oil for dry skin. This has been a life savior for me. I have some allergies which leave my skin very dry, especially my arms, and I’ve been struggling with it for the last few weeks. This body oil swept me right off my feet.  When I first tried it I felt the skin on my arms getting better, more moisturized and it didn’t feel as rough as it used to. Also I recommend this body oil to use after leg shaving because it soothes the skin, prevents irritation and gives it a soft touch.


I use this body milk on a regular day basis to prevent my skin from drying out during the day. I’ve tried out several body milks and some of them would just leave a layer on my skin and they didn’t absorb in very well but when it comes to the Nivea body milk I have no problem with it.


Now a little bit about the products I use for my face. During the summer I’ve had a misjudgment about a facial cleansing product and it left consequences on my skin. The skin on my forehead got very dry and started peeling off and my cheeks were red all the time, I could barely cover it with powder. When I started using this Nivea Facial Cleansing Cream the problems went away. It does clean my face and in the same time it’s very soft and gentle. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all.


I use the facial cleansing cream in the morning and the evening and after I clean my face I use one of the face creams. For me it’s enough to apply smaller amounts of the creams because they are very moisturizing. The day cream also gets the skin prepped for putting makeup on it and the night cream keeps my skin feeling soft until morning.

So tell me which skincare product would you recommend for me and which one is your favorite?

XOXO, Luna

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