No puedo más!

Yesterday I talked about exams and today I have an update. I failed. Not all of my exams but I did fail one and unfortunately I’m the type of person to focus on the one thing that went wrong. If anyone has advice on how to stop doing this, leave it in the comments.

I’ve passed my Italian grammar and Italian stylistic. The Spanish grammar exam is divided into two parts and I’ve failed one of them, the translation. I was never bad at it and I have no idea what’s going on but I know it got me all depressed. I honestly thought I did so well but I was wrong and on Tuesday I’m going to go and see what I did wrong and in two weeks I’m taking the exam again.

Today is a rainy day so I decided to curl up under the blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and watch the new episode of Scandal. Then one episode of Scandal turned into one episode of How to Get Away With Murder, one episode of The Big Bang Theory so I’m kind of procrastinating today. Guess I deserved a rest because I worked like an idiot this week.

I’m proud of myself for passing at least three exams so far but I still have a lot to do and study. Two exams next week, keep your fingers crossed!

Hope you’re having a wonderful FriYay!



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