Exams, exams, exams

I’ve started to neglect my blog again but I have a valid excuse Three exams in three days. I killed myself and it’s just the middle of the week.

Tonight I finally had a long, relaxing sleep and by long I obviously mean like 6 hours. That’s a lot for me. From the three exams I took I know I passed two and I’m still waiting for the results on my third one. This third one was Spanish grammar and translation and I’m freaking out. I have this problem with combining the tenses and learning the rules about them. I just write it how I want and expect it to be alright.

I’ve also been trying to stay active and healthy lately due to some health issues with my thyroid. I did a sonogram of it and the doctor found some cysts on my thyroid and it kind of freaked me out for a while but I’m fine with it now. I’m pursuing a healthier lifestyle, working out every day and meditating. My doctor always tells me I need to stop stressing which is really hard for me because of my university, personal life etc., so I’ve decided to meditate every day hoping it will help me and to be honest it really did.

This is pretty much it from me. I have to get back to studying Italian because I have another exam tomorrow. Finger crossed for me passing Spanish!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day, love you!

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