Job interview gone wrong!

Hello guys!
Sorry about the absence today, I just had a lot on my mind and I didn’t have any idea what to post so here I am posting about the “a lot on my mind”. I’ve written in one of my posts that I was supposed to have an interview with a recruiting agency for a job in the UK. I wanted to work as a receptionist.

I was really into going out of Croatia to work but this little interview today completely changed my mind. I was actually left quite disappointed. To tell you the truth I had a feeling like something was going to go wrong but I tried to discard it and stay positive about the whole situation but I should have trusted my intuition.

The interview started out well. The lady from the agency asked me about some of my info and she really loved the fact that I could speak 4 languages. I thought I was off to a really good start and she told me she can send out my CV to different hotels immediately if I was up for it. I told her that I would like to start working as soon as possible.

Then we started talking about my CV. I have only 3 months of experience working as a receptionist and honestly I wasn’t ashamed to write that on my CV but the lady insisted I wrote down I had 8 months of experience. I told her it’s kind of impossible to even write that since I’ve been a student for three years and my receptionist job was a summer job, across Croatia, far, far away from Zadar to which she replied “It’s not like they know where Zadar and  Porec (the city I worked in) are in Croatia”. I was left speechless.

Also, I was supposed to have two letters of recommendation and she told me that I could write them myself because they won’t check them out in the hotel or call my previous employers to ask about me. All of the red lights in my head started to go off. I spent the rest of the interview just nodding my head. She sent me an e-mail with some info she needed from me, including the CV, and one of the things they wanted from me was a copy of my ID. That is a big no for me.

I was just left speechless by the things she asked me to do. I like to believe I have a good moral standard and telling lies on my resume was just against all my beliefs. It’s not that I’m blowing my own horn, but I am a well-educated person, I can speak multiple languages, I have some job experience and I am a fast learner – isn’t that enough to get a job without telling lies and deceiving people?

Anyways, the UK dream is now kind of dead. I am still job hunting but I’ve decided to focus my search on Croatia because after the experience I’ve had I’m a bit scared to try and get a job outside of Croatia. This interview just raised a lot of questions in my head and I just don’t know what to think.

Have you guys had any experiences such as this? Did you go to work abroad? Share some experience or advice.

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8 thoughts on “Job interview gone wrong!

  1. it happens in the music business round the clock. always go after what you want, whatever it is, and wherever it is … don’t let anyone put you off or make you feel you’re anything less than a rock star. – tsk

    1. Thank you! 😀

  2. It’s not unusual to stretch the truth a bit on a resume or CV, but outright fabrications are a good red flag. Keep your chin up, more opportunities will come; the first one is not always the best. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you very much 😊

  3. Yikes! Red flag is right—definitely a no-no
    Good luck in your search❤️

    1. Thank you very much 😁

  4. You can always look at working in the UK a bit later on in your career/life, but that agency definitely sounds like one to avoid. I think you’ve made entirely the right decision.

  5. You did the right thing. Trust your instincts and your upbringing.

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