Poem #40

The loveless touch she received from him,
the notion that he was thinking about his
ghost from the past while he was falling asleep
by her side. She knows his heart is in another
woman’s bed but still she hasn’t left.

Because of her, she is throwing pillows and
ashtrays across the room every time she sees
him staring at a picture from the past. He still has
the audacity to tell her she’s just making a big fuss.

“Do you still love her” she yells at him when actually
through the tears she only wants to scream
“Why can’t it be me? Why not me?”
She isn’t strong enough to leave, put her out of her misery.

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2 thoughts on “Poem #40

  1. Very poignant, and sad.

  2. Heart wrenching. I can feel the pain.

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