Positivity Press #24

My new job started yesterday! You guuuuuys, I was so excited! Everyone is very friendly and nice and help me a lot. I won’t start working on my own until next Tuesday. For now, I have a sort of a training period until I learn how to work.

I just want to apologize for neglecting the blog a bit yesterday but I really want to get a hold of the job as soon as possible and I can’t do that with my phone in my hand but I do travel for about an hour to work and back so I’ll try to get work done on the train. Make sure to keep your submission coming. Now I am off to another day of training and learning and I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Love you all!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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Positivity Press #21

Hello guys, Luna here for The Positivity Press today!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week filled with happiness and accomplishments. I have some exciting news to share with all of you today. I GOT A NEW JOB!

I am so thrilled because finally I will be able to work in a job that’s more in my field of studies. As you know, I studied foreign languages – Italian and Spanish. My first day is on Monday, so you can expect updates then. It will be kind of difficult because I will have to travel to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, every day but I am so excited. I promise that I won’t neglect all of you here on Luna and that I will still keep up my work, post your works at The Poetry Bar and The Positivity Press. To go off topic a little bit, I just want to say that I love the effort you all have been putting to build our Positivity Press. I think it’s so nice that every morning I have at least one positive email from all of you to put up on the blog to start off our day with some happiness and sunshine.

So as I said the job is in Zagreb. I will work for Calzedonia in their call center and I will work with Spanish people and probably English as well and I am so excited to actually be able to use Spanish in my work. When I went to the interview I was very nervous but I just loved the work space, the people were so lovely and I hope that everything will go well and that I will get a hold of the job soon. Yesterday I went to celebrate my new job with some gin tonic. Love to drink it!

That’s it from me today. Now tell me what have you been up to and make sure to send your positive vibes and stories.

If you want to share positivity here at The Positivity Press send in your positive news with pics and the link to your blog (if you want) to postpositivity@gmail.com


I got a job!

Hello everybody!

My life has been a mess lately and that’s why I didn’t have the chance to post regularly and I apologize for that but I did post all of your works at The Poetry Bar! Since you have all been so supportive when I wrote about quitting university, getting a job and all of that I finally wanted to let you know that I do have a job!

I have been to a bunch of interviews and it has been exhausting but I managed to land a spot at a little tea house in my town. I have been working there for about a week and it has been great.

Moving back home, leaving Zadar and the university has been rough. I know I’ve made the right call but it didn’t make it any easier.

My eyes were filled with tears when I saw my empty apartment and all of my stuff in boxes but I just powered through all of that. It is still hard getting used to working and not being a student but I think I am doing a really good job. I still have my doubts but I am keeping my eyes on the prize and the prize is happiness, to be honest.

No matter how hard it was to leave Zadar, I knew I wasn’t happy there anymore and I felt like I was wasting my time. A lot of people who know me are surprised because I am a waitress but I love the job, I enjoy it and that’s what matters. I already have my eyes on the university I want to go to in September but I still have to gather the money for the tuition fee.


The reason why I haven’t been so present on my blog is because my mother doesn’t have internet in her apartment. She didn’t need it because I wasn’t home so now we are waiting to get it all installed. I hope it will be by the end of this week so that I will be able to be here as much as I was before.

I will be writing another longer post about all of my experiences in the last few week but for now I just wanted to let you know what’s been going on. Also, thank you so much for sending in your work for The Poetry Bar. I love, love, love reading everything, seeing you communicating with each other and expanding your audience. If you maybe don’t know what The Poetry Bar is you can check everything out here:  https://lunaiswriting.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/the-poetry-bar-guest-posts-wanted/

Sending love and positive vibes to all of you!


I quit!

Hello guys!

First I need to apologize. Lately I haven’t been so active and I wasn’t replying to all of your wonderful, supportive comments because honestly I didn’t have much time. Here’s a little explanation.

I am quitting university. This is a very big step for me and I am absolutely terrified of doing it but I am also aware that it’s necessary for me to take a year off and get some time to think about what I really want in life. I already have my bachelor’s in Spanish and Italian but I am just not sure this is the career I want to be in right now. All of this is life changing for me because I’ve been doing this for three years just to realize it’s not all I thought it would be when I enrolled.

Also, the main reason why this is so scary is the fact that I don’t have a job. Sadly, with me degree I am qualified to do absolutely nothing. I’ve been to a job interview, I am applying for jobs everywhere and I think that I will be waitressing for this year until I figure out what I want to do. All I am sure of right now is that I need to find a job as soon as possible because I am as broke as one can be.

The hardest part of quitting is actually moving out of my apartment. I am leaving it this Saturday and I am just surrounded by boxes, bags, stuff and it’s all a big mess. Moving is exhausting and that’s why I didn’t spend a lot of time on my page.

This is pretty much the explanation. I will keep you updated here about everything that’s going on and as soon as I get any job, you know I will brag about it here. Send me positive thoughts because I seriously need them now and fingers crossed for my job hunt. Thank you again for all your love and support, you guys are the best!

Sending you much love!

Job interview gone wrong!

Hello guys!
Sorry about the absence today, I just had a lot on my mind and I didn’t have any idea what to post so here I am posting about the “a lot on my mind”. I’ve written in one of my posts that I was supposed to have an interview with a recruiting agency for a job in the UK. I wanted to work as a receptionist.

I was really into going out of Croatia to work but this little interview today completely changed my mind. I was actually left quite disappointed. To tell you the truth I had a feeling like something was going to go wrong but I tried to discard it and stay positive about the whole situation but I should have trusted my intuition.

The interview started out well. The lady from the agency asked me about some of my info and she really loved the fact that I could speak 4 languages. I thought I was off to a really good start and she told me she can send out my CV to different hotels immediately if I was up for it. I told her that I would like to start working as soon as possible.

Then we started talking about my CV. I have only 3 months of experience working as a receptionist and honestly I wasn’t ashamed to write that on my CV but the lady insisted I wrote down I had 8 months of experience. I told her it’s kind of impossible to even write that since I’ve been a student for three years and my receptionist job was a summer job, across Croatia, far, far away from Zadar to which she replied “It’s not like they know where Zadar and  Porec (the city I worked in) are in Croatia”. I was left speechless.

Also, I was supposed to have two letters of recommendation and she told me that I could write them myself because they won’t check them out in the hotel or call my previous employers to ask about me. All of the red lights in my head started to go off. I spent the rest of the interview just nodding my head. She sent me an e-mail with some info she needed from me, including the CV, and one of the things they wanted from me was a copy of my ID. That is a big no for me.

I was just left speechless by the things she asked me to do. I like to believe I have a good moral standard and telling lies on my resume was just against all my beliefs. It’s not that I’m blowing my own horn, but I am a well-educated person, I can speak multiple languages, I have some job experience and I am a fast learner – isn’t that enough to get a job without telling lies and deceiving people?

Anyways, the UK dream is now kind of dead. I am still job hunting but I’ve decided to focus my search on Croatia because after the experience I’ve had I’m a bit scared to try and get a job outside of Croatia. This interview just raised a lot of questions in my head and I just don’t know what to think.

Have you guys had any experiences such as this? Did you go to work abroad? Share some experience or advice.

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Just checking in

Hello world! I decided to just check in today. I had such a great Saturday because I worked. No I’m not weird, I was just looking for a job for a very long time and I’m so excited about the bar I’ll be waitressing in. Also, today I just want to talk about going for things.

I’ve sent a message to the FB page of this bar months ago and they just responded this week because they haven’t seen the message before. They called me in to have a chat and the next thing I know this morning I was working a 7-hour shift. This just proves that you need to go for something. I was looking for jobs to fall into my lap, applying to jobs dozens of students with more experience applied and I sent this one message to a bar that wasn’t looking for a waitress and it came at the perfect time because I was really getting desperate. My  point it, no matter how scared you are of doing things such like this, just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you want something, just try to get it. And if you fail, try some more.

So this morning my shift started at eight and the first time I had to clean up a table I almost dropped the tray and made a lot of noise. I was so embarrassed because I was already messing up and I wasn’t even working for 10 minutes. I seriously need a job so I had to pull myself together. The rest of the day went perfectly. The girls I work with are fun and chill. The atmosphere is great, the guests are polite and the bar has a beautiful interior design.

Even though my feet and my arms were killing me after arriving home, I felt so fulfilled. Lately I had a feeling like I was just wasting my time on nothing and having a job, no matter how hard it can be to find a balance between a job and my university, really gives me that certain push I need to just keep going, keep working on myself. And also every job is a new experience.

I don’t want to just ramble on here, so I’ll share a picture with you.

This was me on Women’s day showing all kinds of legs at my favorite wine bar. Before seeing this picture I didn’t even realize how short this pants were (yes, I’m wearing pants). But still it was a fun night and I love the picture!

Hope you’re having a wonderful, productive weekend!



You’ll kill yourself trying to fit in,
working a double shift just to pay rent.
Study on the break, got to get those
good grades it’s not like you can buy knowledge.

You’re going to put in your best, hoping
somebody realizes the talents you have
while others just get what they want without
having to move a single bone. It’s not
like there is any problem money can’t erase.

Some of us were born to work and never stop.
It’s not like we got our lives laid out in front us.
This struggle is our all so embrace it, hold onto it,
it’s not like there’s much choice.

You will fall and you will cry but you
will get back up and you will climb. Life didn’t
give you anything you can’t put up with so be proud
of yourself for making it this far. Here comes another
round – FIGHT!

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