From Midnight

Midnight and I’m drunk catching the last bus
home so I could stare at the bracelet you gave me
the last time you were mine. I’m waiting for daylight
to bring soberness and stop me from running to the past.
Where are your hands to carry me to bed tonight at midnight?

10 thoughts on “Quote

  1. Your Quote inspires me this: ~
    Writing is like AA for drunken past moments that last a moment too long, while you still wish to live- love. The steps are harder for lovers than drunks. Us; failed lovers, will have to rewrite those moments before they seem polished enough to let go of. You will still experience the same regurgitating pain and yes, you will most likely cry too, however, bare in mind, baring ones broken heart takes courage, and each moment spent writing is a returned moment of self-respect, a moment more of feeling less foolish…for having loved in the first place.


      1. Good, keep it in mind as your blindly go forth, because the absolute truth is when it comes to love is: we’re either a hopeless addict or a narcissistic dealer. : )) You have a great writing voice. I look forward to more inspiring reads.

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