Positivity Press #19

A warm hello from South Africa, guys and girls! 

My message to you all is: Stay + 


I am speaking from my own experience when I say, I have no job certainty after July.  When a potential relationship came my way after years, it ended before it began. I am Type 1 Diabetic and recently I have taken two steps forward with my eating habits, and I’ve had moments just as recently when it felt like I took three steps backwards. My family is going through relational struggles and on top of that finances are not the best they have ever been.

That is my sob story which you may relate to. However, I choose to make these positive affirmations:

I will receive employment from the end of July onwards. 

I have been patient and I will meet the right person soon.

I will make healthy choices when it comes to my eating habits and physical activity. 

My family will heal relationally and we will get on our feet again.

My encouragement to anybody dealing with any negativity at this moment is to acknowledge it and then decide by faith that it is not the end, that things will change for the best. Each dream you have is valid and can come true.

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Poem #168

I’ve kept all of this bottled up inside
for so long that it just can’t all come
out of my mouth or through writing.
It started crawling out of me through
the hole you left in my chest and it burns
even more than your betrayal did.

Poem #132

In the end, being soulmates wasn’t
enough for the universe to let us keep each other.

Our road split, our hearts crumbled,
our words were left stuck on our lips.
It was more important to kiss than
say how unfair life can be.

You will find someone, so will I.
We will settle down, have a fresh start
but in the night we will still feel our
fingers intertwined, your body on mine.
The fresh start will never be able to break
some old, dusty bonds.

What shall I make of you

Not quite round,
Not quite square,
Can’t fit in this box
I have for you here.

.You can’t think that!
Let alone utter it.
People like you,
Must take what you get..

Taking up space,
As if you own it.
Standing so tall,
You’d better go sit!

.I’ll teach you
For acting ‘all that’,
How dare you defy me!
I’m all you’ve got..

But no, you insist
On just being you.
Tell me, dear girl,
What shall I make of you?

Larisa McBean

Blog address:

My name is Larisa and I am from Jamaica. I love writing, traveling, and observing people (including myself). My writing is informed by these observations, especially my poems. I also write academic-type stuff connected to my work and what I’ve studied: I’m a tourism management professional and I do research on poverty reduction and economic development through tourism and social interventions. All-in-all, I’m a writer and I love the feeling it gives me to put words to thoughts and sights.

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Poem #103

Women like her don’t fall.
They wear their pain with pride, like
bright colors to warn the enemy that
they have been through hell and made it

Women like her can’t be defeated.
Defeat is a lesson and they accept it as well
as they accept a victory. Her level is
above and beyond. She is strong.
She is fierce. Don’t bother trying to
stop her because she knows where
she’s going.

Poem #93

The trains just keep passing by.
I already got used to the noise.
My red lipstick is losing its shade
and my walk isn’t a walk of someone
who can conquer the world anymore.
I started to feel comfortable blending
into the crowd. I don’t feel like I’m
living my  life, I feel like I’m
surrendering it with every door
I knock on.
The trains just keep passing by.
I already became one with the noise.


From Falling

You didn’t love me. You loved the idea of me.
You loved how I contrasted you, you loved having
arms to hold you at night, legs to spread,
a shoulder to cry on, someone
who will always justify your destructive deeds.
The things  you allegedly loved about me
didn’t make me your loved one, or the one
that can have faith in you and feel safe with you.
They made me replaceable.