From Online pain

To hell with pain, I can deal with that but I
can’t deal with not being able to escape your
eyes and move on with my life. You are always looking
at me from pictures, reminding me of what we
had and even thought it doesn’t hurt anymore,
and it hasn’t in a while, I’m still sitting here waiting
for your presence to go offline.

9 thoughts on “Quote

  1. offline together

  2. Clever indeed.

  3. Oh my god, I needed this poem, and I didn’t even know it until I read it. It is absolutely perfect and sums up what I’ve been feeling for so long. Amazing.

    1. Thank you honey, I know it’s exhausting to feel like this. Hope you feel better soon, sending you much love ❤

      1. Awh, thank you, you’re so sweet

  4. New wonderful poem!

  5. My estimation – you’re top contender for the title “Poetess Under Duress” – your work is wonderful…
    I can relate <3

    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment 😁

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