Guys, I reached a new milestone yesterday – I have 1,000 followers on my blog and for that I say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lately I’ve been struggling in life and I wrote a bit about it here on the blog and all of you were so supportive and full of love and positive comments and this is what I love about this platform.

Whenever I talk about my blog and the people I interact with here I always refer to it as a community because for me it is a community. It’s amazing to just think there are people all over the world coming together here, writing, sharing their thoughts, experiences and supporting each other.

In order to show how thankful I am for everything this community has done for me I decided to do a little project if you are all on board with it. My little project would be a column here on my blog called Poetry Bar. It would be open for all writers and bloggers who want to share their work with other people and get to know new authors.

It would work like this: I’ve made a special e-mail address where you can send your poetry, a few words about yourself, a link to your blog and a link to you Instagram profile because The Poetry Bar has it’s own IG page. I will then post your poem and what you wrote about yourself on the blog and of course that I will put a link to your blog so people can go and visit it. It would be something like guest posts. I think it’s a great way to get to know each other and connect – that’s why I encourage you to also write a little something about yourself when you send your poem. It doesn’t have to be a whole life story, just a few words that describe you.

In this way all of us get to enjoy each other works, connect with other blogs, grow our stats and so on! Write down in the comments if you would be interested in participating in something like this and make sure to spread the word out to your other blogger buddies. I am waiting for all of your lovely poems and I hope that together we will make this project work!

59 thoughts on “The Poetry Bar – GUEST POSTS WANTED!

      1. A while ago you liked my poem, La Vie En Rose 🙂 Since you’ve read it and liked it, can I use that as my submission? Would you like me to email it? Please let me know 😀 Also congratulations on 1000 followers! That is a great achievement 🙂

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  1. Hi. Great Idea and Invite. Thanks luna. Though i, shiro mainly of Legends Writ, the odd Poem or Ode comes My Ways… Would definitely Join, Share and Support the… Step up to the Bar…of Poetry. Email headed Your Ways. Take Care. Till next…

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    1. Dear MAtthew, I got your email and I already prepared the post. The thing is, I post the works chronologically and I send back emails when I publish the work. Your work will be published and I will send you an email when I do so.
      Thank you so much for your kind wishes and thank you for sending in your poem!

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      1. Thanks for quick response and I do appreciate explanation. Didn’t wanted to think I have been ignored without any word back so it makes me feel better now.

        Take care and hope it will work out!

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