Surrealistic love revelation

I will embrace the waves
under your lovely eyelashes
I will kiss the silence
under your sensual lips
I will caress the space
under your tender hands
I will melt like a piece of ice
under the rays of your soul.
– Vasil Georgiev

My name is Vasil Georgiev. I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. Lawyer by education.
I have two poetry books. I write poetry and less prose.
Visit his blog and read more from this author on his blog vgeorgart

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7 thoughts on “Surrealistic love revelation

  1. I’ve risked one in submission and we’ll see what happens with it. Thanks for the information and shared poem.

    1. Thanks for your attention!

      1. You are welcome…

    2. Thank you for sending your poem in 😊

      1. Luna, your idea is great!
        Thank you very much 😉

      2. You are welcome. Thank you for participating 😀

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